A Woman Has Been Sentenced In A Fatal Hit-and-run In Pittsburgh’s Homewood Area

In February of last year, a local lady was convicted for her role in a hit-and-run accident that resulted in the death of another person in the Homewood section of Pittsburgh.

Ausha Brown, who is 25 years old, entered a guilty plea to the charge of a hit-and-run that occurred in the 7600 block of Kelly Street. According to the police, Brown struck a pedestrian with her vehicle.

At approximately 11 o’clock in the evening, two women hailed down officers of the Pittsburgh Police Department and guided them to a man who was laying on the road.

They reported to the police that he had been hit by a vehicle, which had then fled the scene. They were able to provide a description of the car, and an alert to “be on the lookout” was issued as a result.

According to the records filed in the case, the law enforcement officers who responded to the site discovered evidence, one of which was a pocketbook with a Pittsburgh Regional Transit card in the name of Ausha Brown.

In addition, witnesses identified Brown through images that were posted on Facebook, and surveillance footage showed that Brown was there at the scene driving a black Ford Expedition SUV.

The victim, identified as Von Washington, 31, from Pittsburgh, was transported to the hospital by paramedics in a severe condition. Unfortunately, he did not survive his stay there and passed away.

Text conversations sent between Washington and Brown allowed the police to identify that Washington accused Brown of seeing other people.

Brown was given a sentence ranging from eight to sixteen years in jail for the commission of the third-degree murder charge, as reported by our news colleagues at the Tribune.

According to the Trib, Brown testified that shortly before she ran Washington over, he had assaulted her. This information was provided to the court.

The Trib also reported that Brown profusely apologized to Washington’s family in court, saying things like, “I’m not asking you to forgive me. I’m sorry.” I would like for you to make an effort to comprehend what took place on that day. I was merely attempting to get away from a domestic situation.”

According to the Trib, Brown, and Washington had been dating for around five weeks prior to her killing him.

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