A Woman In Pennsylvania Has Been Charged After Her Elderly Parents Were Found Shot And Dismembered In Their Home

Police in Pennsylvania discovered the dismembered bodies of a woman’s elderly parents in their shared residence, and she was detained and charged with murder.

According to Kevin Steele, the district attorney for Montgomery County, police in Jenkintown on Tuesday checked on an elderly couple’s welfare after a relative reported not hearing from them in more than a week. They discovered their daughter Verity Beck there at that time, along with one body that was “tightly wrapped in a white bed sheet” and indications of a second deceased person.

Steele stated that there were “evidence of acute trauma present,” and that is when Beck, 43, was taken into custody.

The bodies of Beck’s mother and father, both aged 72, were discovered during a subsequent investigation of the house by the authorities.

Both bodies were in varying states of dismemberment, and a chain saw was found close to one of the bodies, according to Steele. Additionally, several firearms were found in the house.

The county coroner’s office quickly found that both victims died from a gunshot wound to the head, and their deaths were classified as homicides. According to Steele, Beck, who also lived there, has been accused of two first-degree murders and two third-degree murders; the first accusation disqualifies her from posting bond.

According to court records, an investigation is ongoing, and a preliminary hearing is set for February 1st. The Montgomery County Correctional Facility is where she is currently detained.

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