A Woman Is Accused Of Killing Two Little Girls In San Francisco

A Woman Is Accused Of Killing Two Little Girls In San Francisco: Prosecutors said on Wednesday that they have charged a 34-year-old woman with murder in connection with the deaths of two young girls that occurred in the Hunters Point district of San Francisco last week.

According to the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office, Paulesha Green-Pulliam was arrested on Friday of last week after the father of the two children, ages 5 and 1, contacted 911 that morning after arriving home and finding them unresponsive. The girls were Paulesha Green-daughters.

Green-Pulliam was taken into custody at her residence on Navy Road, and arraignment on the murder charges was scheduled to take place on Wednesday afternoon.

The authorities did not immediately reveal any additional information regarding the circumstances surrounding the deaths of the two girls.

The District Attorney, Brooke Jenkins, was quoted as saying in a press release announcing the murder charges, “My heart hurts for this family.” “I give them my heartfelt condolences and reaffirm my resolve to seek justice,” you said.

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