A Woman Shoots Her Husband At A Hospital In Daytona Beach

According to Daytona Beach police, a lady who fatally shot her terminally sick husband is currently being held at the Volusia County Corrections.

Around 1 p.m. on Saturday, the shooting took place at Advent Health Daytona Beach.

According to the investigators, the victim and Ellen Gilland agreed to “stop it” if his health deteriorated three weeks ago.

After the pre-planned shooting, according to the police, Gilland barricaded herself in her husband Jerry’s hospital room.

Police were forced to evacuate the staff, patients, and even patients who were close to death from the 11th floor as a result. According to Police Chief Jakari Young, things have gotten busy.

He said, “This was something of a logistical nightmare.”

Legal analyst Bill Sheaffer, who was interviewed by Channel 9, provided insight on the crime.

He declared, “In these United States of America, assisted suicide has never been sanctioned or supported by any state.”

Sheaffer predicted that as a result, she would have to face some sort of punishment. But in this instance, he believes she will receive probation in lieu of incarceration as part of a plea agreement.

Sheaffer stated that “her age and the fact that her spouse was dying will play a significant role in the criteria of mitigation and sentencing.”

As they attempted to convince Gilland to turn himself in, police had clogged the hospital’s hallways and packed the parking lots.

Gilland and her husband had planned to die together in the hospital that day, but Gilland didn’t go through with it, according to information obtained by Daytona Beach police.

According to police, when Gilland shot her husband, she refused to put down the weapon and locked herself in his room, forcing hospital employees to set up shelter and requiring the removal of many patients from their rooms.

Although unlikely, Gilland might also be prosecuted with such offences, according to Sheaffer.

“She might be charged with aggravated assault for shooting the gun. There are charges associated with closing those facilities, according to Sheaffer. There are several things she may be charged with, but murder is undoubtedly the most serious one because it carries the harshest punishment.

On that murder charge, Gilland is being jailed without bond. This is typical for such offence, according to Shaeffer, and the state might at some time take into account a bond.

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