ABQ Man Charged With Threatening P*rnographic Video Store Staff as “Michael Jackson”

Albuquerque police made a significant arrest on a Saturday night when they took in a man named Quinton Christmas for his suspected involvement in a s*xual assault at an adult video business. Reports claim that after trespassing on store premises, Christmas threatened the personnel there. The event happened at a s*x shop on Central Avenue, not far from Wyoming.

It was said that Christmas jumped a fence to enter the business. When he entered the building, an employee politely requested him to leave because he had been trespassing. Christmas allegedly grew belligerent and inflamed the situation when he was asked to leave.

The worker stated that Christmas threatened him with a knife and brandished it at him. The store called the police because the worker’s safety was clearly in jeopardy. The cops were quick to arrive and take Christmas into prison once they located him. Aggravated assault, trespassing, and other accusations have been filed against him. However, that’s not the end of the accusations.

During the course of the arrest, it was also revealed that Christmas had lied to the police. Christmas gave the police his false name, Michael Jackson, a famous musician, in an effort to hide his true identity. Further complicating matters was the fact that he gave a bogus SSN.

The tweet below verifies the news:

Thus, Christmas’ already dire legal situation has been compounded by the inclusion of charges for concealing identification. When weapons are involved or threats are made, the Albuquerque Police Department responds immediately. The local police force places a premium on ensuring the security of the community and its workforce.

They have proven their dedication to public safety by immediately apprehending Christmas and filing appropriate charges against him.

Christmas will have to deal with the fallout from his alleged acts as the court process plays out. The court will review the evidence and hear the testimony to establish his guilt or innocence on the serious accusations of severe assault, trespassing, and concealing identity. In the meantime, the Albuquerque Police Department has addressed the concerns of the adult video store’s staff and management.

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These kind of incidents emphasize the need for extra precautions and security for organizations in high-risk sectors. It’s a useful reminder that businesses of all types need to make the security of their staff members a top priority and set up procedures to deal with threats properly.

In conclusion, the Albuquerque Police Department’s arrest of Quinton Christmas demonstrates their dedication to public safety. The nature of the alleged incident is reflected in the severity of the allegations against him, which include severe assault, trespassing, and concealing identification. The judicial process will now move on with this case, ensuring that justice is done and highlighting the need of keeping the workplace safe for all employees.

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