Actress Mandy Moore Reveals 2-Year-Old Son’s Diagnosis of Rare Skin Condition, Gianotti Crosti Syndrome

Mandy Moore shares her parenting journey on social media as her toddler, August, battles the uncommon skin condition.

In a candid revelation, renowned actress Mandy Moore disclosed that her 2-year-old son, August (nicknamed Gus), has been diagnosed with Gianotti Crosti syndrome (GCS), a rare skin condition.

Taking to Instagram Stories on Friday, Moore shared her concern about a “crazy rash” that appeared on Gus last week, leading her to suspect various possibilities such as eczema flare, poison oak, or allergies. After multiple consultations with medical professionals, including pediatricians and dermatologists, Gus was eventually diagnosed with GCS.

The “This is Us” star described the affected areas as “all over his legs and feet (ouch) and the backs of his arms, but nowhere else,” alongside an image of his inflamed, rash-covered legs. Currently, the prescribed treatment includes steroid cream and Benadryl at night to provide relief from the itch.

Gianotti Crosti syndrome is an uncommon childhood skin condition characterized by a papular rash with blisters on the legs, buttocks, and arms, according to information from the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

While the condition typically persists for around 10 days, it can extend to several weeks. The skin lesions are often associated with an underlying infection, frequently a virus, which may present additional symptoms like a low-grade fever, sore throat, or signs of an upper respiratory infection.

The NIH postulates that GCS is likely a hypersensitive response to the underlying infection, although hepatitis B, the typical cause in many countries, is rarely responsible for cases in North America.

The tweet below verifies the news:

Mandy Moore, who shares Gus with her husband, musician Taylor Goldsmith from the band Dawes, highlighted the challenges of parenting in her Instagram post, noting that even though it’s “only an itchy skin condition,” it can still leave parents feeling helpless. Nevertheless, she emphasized the resilience of children, and as long as Gus is smiling through it, they are handling the situation well.

The revelation has drawn attention from concerned parents and fans, offering support and well-wishes for the young toddler’s recovery.

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