Aemond Targaryen Death: What Happened To Him & How Does He Die? All About Aemond Death!

Aemond Targaryen Death: Even though they weren’t even born yet when House of the Dragon began, several individuals have become vital to the plot. In the Game of Thrones prequel, the Dance of the Dragons, a civil war between the Targaryens that claims the lives of many prominent members of House Targaryen, House Velaryon, and others, is rapidly approaching. Indeed, Aemond Targaryen is a part of this family.

Who Was Aemond Targaryen?

Who Was Aemond Targaryen?

Almond is just a young kid in the first few episodes of House of the Dragon. But as he matures, he develops a competitive streak and a deep-seated resentment of his younger siblings and nephews.

Almond, the second son of King Viserys, has an attitude problem that costs him an eye and ultimately his life. Which begs the question: how does he meet his end in the George R. R. Martin novels on which House of Dragon is based?

Aemond Targaryen first loses his eye in the book ‘Fire & Blood

Aemond Targaryen first loses his eye in the book ‘Fire & Blood

The story of House Targaryen is told in “Fire & Blood,” and in doing so, we learn how Aemond came to be known as “Aemond One-Eye” after he lost an eye in battle.

When Laena dies, and Vhagar is left without a rider, Aemond rushes to claim the dragon for himself. But he had to sneak out, and the young Joffrey catches him, damaging his eye. To silence Joffrey, Aemond slaps and threatens him, but the latter tells his brothers.

Jacaerys, Lucerys, and Joffrey, Rhaenyra’s boys, spar with Aemond using wooden training swords. But when Aemond mocks the lads by calling them “Strongs,” implying that they are brutes, Jacaerys lashes out viciously. Lucy pulls out his dagger and cuts at Aemond’s face, removing his right eye when Aemond gains the upper hand and begins pummeling Jacaerys.

Drama ensues when Alicent seeks fairness by having Jacaerys sacrifice one eye, but Viserys refuses. Aemond, though, insists that his loss of an eye was well worth it to win over Vhagar. Aemond develops into a formidable swordsman and staunch defender of “the greens.”

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Aemond Targaryen Death: ‘Fire & Blood’ may have the answers

Aemond Targaryen Death: ‘Fire & Blood’ may have the answers.

Many of us have wondered how the story of Aemond concludes in the books after watching him become stronger and more formidable throughout House of the Dragon.

After Viserys’ death, Aemond’s older brother Aegon II is crowned king, and despite Rhaenyra’s claim to the throne, Aemond supports his brother. Aemond travels to Storm’s End to win Lord Borros Baratheon over with the promise of a marriage in order to secure his support for Aegon II.

At the same time Aemond travels to Storm’s End to express his displeasure with Lucerys, Lucerys travels there to speak on behalf of his mother. After Borros forbids them from fighting in his home, Aemond and Vhagar track down Lucerys on his dragon and put an end to both him and Arrax. Because of this, people will now refer to Aemond as “Aemond the Kinslayer.”

Daemon Targaryen and Aemond become mortal adversaries after engaging in a great deal of bloodshed and retaliation. King’s Landing falls to Rhaenyra and Daemon (after Rhaenyra’s death).

while Aemond and Ser Criston Cole march against Daemon at Harrenhal. After this, Aemond gives the order to kill Simon Strong and his family, with the exception of Alys Rivers, who is spared after becoming Aemond’s bedmate.

Daemon looks for Aemond while he’s off with Vhagar torching black-aligned communities, and ends up waiting for him in Harrenhal next to Caraxes for 13 days. Aemond and pregnant Alys show up, and he and Daemon fight in the War Above the Gods’ Eye.

During the impact of the two dragons, Daemon stabs Aemond in the other eye with Valyrian steel, killing him instantly. Aemond’s body and Vhagar’s skull then sink to the bottom of the lake.

Alys, now referring to herself as “Aemond’s widow,” controls Harrenhal as a “witch queen” after Aemond’s death. She goes so far as to claim that her son is Aemond’s sole successor, making him the legitimate monarch.

The ascent of Aemond is bound to be dramatic, and viewers of House of the Dragon can’t wait to watch how it all unfolds. New episodes of House of the Dragon air on HBO every Sunday night at 9 p.m. Eastern.

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