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After a Double-decker Tour Bus and an MTA Bus Crash in Manhattan, Dozens of People Are Hurt

After a Double-decker Tour Bus and an MTA Bus Crash in Manhattan, Dozens of People Are Hurt

Thursday night in Manhattan, a double-decker tour bus collided with an MTA bus, resulting in dozens of injuries, according to authorities. At approximately 7 p.m., an MTA bus was involved in an accident with a Topview NYC double-decker tour bus on 1st Avenue and E. 23rd Street, according to the FDNY.

When the MTA X38 express bus approached the crossing from the east on 23rd Street, the police said it had the right of way. The tour bus ran a red light while traveling north on 1st Avenue and collided head-on with an MTA bus.

Tour bus behind us apparently ran a red light and t-boned our bus, hitting it twice, MTA Transit President Richard Davey said. It looked that all seats on both buses were occupied when they collided. When the accident occurred, the MTA bus was at capacity.

The tweet below verifies the news:

There were dozens of casualties, some of whom were brought to the hospital and others who were treated right there. Most of the patients appeared to suffer minor injuries like cuts, bruises, and scrapes, according to FDNY officials, who said they expected the number of casualties to fluctuate.

There were no victims with critical injuries. It’s safe to assume a large number of victims need medical attention once two buses are involved, as Deputy Chief Kevin Murphy of the New York Fire Department put it.

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The fire department responded quickly to the call about the multiple casualties. Rescue workers were captured on mobile phone video escorting trapped tourists off the top deck of the tour bus.

The double-decker bus had to have some of its occupants evacuated through an open window. The injured were led to triage by the EMS personnel. The tour bus driver will reportedly be served with a summons. At this time, no criminal activity is seen. The situation is still unfolding and active.

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