After A Hammer Attack In The Target Restroom In North Spokane, A Man Was Detained

Jan. 5: After three alleged assaults, including one seemingly random hammer attack at a Target, last month, Spokane police officers detained a man last week.

Gary B. Ault, 37, made his court appearance on Tuesday after being detained on December 27. Police suspect Ault attacked a guy on December 20 at 11 p.m. at the north Spokane Target, 9770 N. Newport Highway, in the men’s restroom.

The victim reported to authorities that a man repeatedly hit him as he exited a bathroom stall. When he raised his arms in self-defense, the man reached inside his rucksack, drew out a hammer, and hit him twice in the head. The victim said that he did not know the attacker and had no idea why he had been attacked.

The two guys were seen exiting the bathroom at roughly the same time the night of the alleged assault, according to surveillance footage from Target, the affidavit stated. The paper stated that blood was on the tiled flooring as the victim left the restroom and was swiftly followed out of the store by the suspect, later identified as Ault.

Ault is also alleged to have attacked two ladies in a downtown area on December 17 in the evening, a few days before the Target shooting. A man who resembled Ault approached the two women as they were consuming alcohol in an alcove on the north side of the Wheatland Bank Building, 222 N. Wall St., and stated, “I want in on that.”

Prior to leaving, the male allegedly kicked both of the women in the head, pepper sprayed one of them, and rendered one of them unconscious.

Police sought a search warrant for a rental car Ault had used and a room at the Apple Tree Inn, 9508 N. Division St., that had been rented to Ault as part of their investigation, according to court filings.

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