After A Neighbor Heard Screaming In A Scottsdale Apartment, A Man Was Charged With Sex Trafficking

After arguing with a woman in the front yard of a Scottsdale short-term rental, a guy was detained on several charges, including five counts of sex trafficking.

A neighbor apparently heard a man threaten a woman on December 26 and reported it to Scottsdale police after hearing the woman scream. The fight’s participant informed the police that she was being trafficked when they arrived. 60-year-old Steven Hurry was taken into custody there.

In May 2022, Hurry recruited the lady to work as a housekeeper in his California home, according to court records. Later that year, when he moved to Tucson with her, he persuaded the woman to allow him to shoot pictures of her for a prostitution advertisement, according to court documents. The woman said to detectives that Hurry set up sexual meetings for which she received payment, and that Hurry kept the proceeds and her legal papers hidden from her in a box in his car.

According to court documents, the two relocated to Scottsdale in November and slept at a Roadway Inn where Hurry placed another advertisement for the woman’s prostitution. According to court documents, he used a camera to capture each sexual contact and downloaded it to a hard drive. Investigators were informed by the woman that if she misappropriated her earnings, Hurry would shackle her and lash her genitalia.

According to court documents, Hurry would allegedly try to strangle the lady when she started declining the organized sexual meetings after the two had moved into a short-term rental in Scottsdale in December. Hurry was ultimately taken into custody when the two got into a scuffle.

According to court documents, Hurry told police he didn’t want to answer when they inquired about his involvement in prostitution or sex trafficking. In the short-term rental Hurry was renting, detectives allegedly discovered prostitution evidence, including paperwork, the woman’s marriage license, a USB with films of the woman and multiple men, and other objects.

Five counts of sex trafficking, sexual assault, aggravated assault, pandering, and disorderly conduct are among the many accusations Hurry is facing. He is being detained in lieu of a $50,000 bond. Call the AZ Tipline at 877-4AZ-TIPS or the National Tipline at 888-373-7888 if you believe someone you see or know is being trafficked. Click here for more resources.

In relation to Hurry, Airbnb also issued a statement to Arizona’s Family.

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