After A Shooting, Jefferson High School Stops Classes And Boosts Security

Jefferson High School halted classes the day after a gunfire outside the school wounded two people and drove students scurrying for protection in the gym.

Principal Drake Shelton informed parents on Tuesday night that there would be no classes on Wednesday, but that children were invited to return to campus after noon for lunch and assistance from faculty.

After A Shooting, Jefferson High School Stops Classes And Boosts Security
After A Shooting, Jefferson High School Stops Classes And Boosts Security

Around 4 o’clock on Tuesday, a gunman opened fire outside the gym on Commercial Avenue in the Humboldt district of North Portland, injuring two pupils.

Marifer Sager, a spokesman for Portland Public Schools, has said that the youngsters’ injuries are not life-threatening. One of the pupils was reported to have a leg wound by police. One of them reportedly got a graze on the hand, while the other one didn’t even get hurt.

Two young people, both of whom were wearing masks, were seen driving away from the gunshot site in a white Hyundai Elantra, according to police reports. Police say the youths’ automobile crashed close by at the intersection of North Alberta Street and Vancouver Avenue, and that they fled the scene on foot.

The stolen vehicle was linked by detectives investigating the shooting outside the school on Wednesday afternoon. As of yet, authorities have not been able to apprehend any suspects in the inquiry.

According to Shelton, the school’s administration is helping police with their investigation.

“Today’s tragedy is a sad reminder of the gun violence that has plagued our communities over the last several years,” Shelton said in an email to parents. We want to make sure that the tremendous ‘heart-work’ that our staff and kids demonstrate every day continues as we “restart, refresh, and refocus” after this occurrence.

Portland Public Schools’ Superintendent Guadalupe Guerrero reassured parents and guardians that “clear actions have been taken to analyze risks and maintain safety.”

On Thursday and Friday, the school district planned to have two or three more “community safety associates” present at Jefferson. A PPS representative said the police department has been asked to increase patrols near the high school, especially before and after school.

In an email to the whole school system, Guerrero said, “We will continue to proactively mobilize whenever an emergency condition needs our complete focus.” “Not only does this violent incursion affect the people working in the building where it occurred, but it affects everyone in our district.”


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