After A Woman Claimed That Her Father Was A Serial Killer, No Proof Was Found During Excavation At The Iowa Site

State officials announced Thursday that a three-day search in southwest Iowa in response to a woman’s allegations that her late father was a serial murderer had produced no results.

According to Mitch Mortvedt, assistant director of the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation, the dig took place at the farm near Thurman, Fremont County, where the woman claimed the remains were buried.

The state Department of Public Safety, which includes the division, released a statement saying that “despite extensive attempts, no evidence or other items of concern were located.”

According to Newsweek, which broke the story, Lucy Studey has alleged that her late father, Donald Dean Studey, was a serial killer who hid victims all around his property in Thurman.

The probe is over, according to Mortvedt.

He declared, “There is no additional evidence to support the allegations against Mr. Studey.

Susan Studey, Lucy Studey’s sister, stated on Thursday that the allegations made against her father “definitely [were] not accurate.”

Susan added in a phone interview, “I love my sister very much, but she got misled at some point in her life. Her late father’s name, she claimed, has been cleansed.

The public safety department stated that the latest excavation involved “a variety of experts representing multiple disciplines and considerable assets to excavate, collect, and evaluate soil samples from a site indicated by a reporting party.”

On Thursday, Lucy Studey maintained her assertions.

I’m the only one saying the truth, along with my entire siblings, she claimed, adding, “I was warned at the outset, the investigation is a marathon, not a sprint.”

In an effort to verify the report of “several past homicides” in sparsely populated Fremont County, which has 6,600 residents, the public safety department stated last month that it was collaborating with federal and local authorities.

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