After Embracing School Counselor, 10-year-old May Face Battery Charge

A Florida elementary school disciplined a 10-year-old kid and charged him with misdemeanor violence after he was accused of improperly touching a school counselor during a hug. The child’s family has denied the allegations.

According to the police report and a copy of his suspension letter obtained by his family’s lawyers, the counselor at Holly Hill School in Volusia County said that she was visiting a classroom to discuss something on October 24 when the fourth-grader approached her for a hug.

After Embracing School Counselor, 10-year-old May Face Battery Accusation
After Embracing School Counselor, 10-year-old May Face Battery Accusation

According to the letter, the counselor “turned sideways to offer a side embrace” to the youngster, who then “placed one arm over her shoulder and with the other hand [he]reached and grasped her left breast.” The counselor then withdrew the child’s hand and the child walked away.

In most cases, NBC News will not reveal the identities of juvenile suspects. Because the therapist is protecting her anonymity under Florida’s Marsy’s Law, NBC News is likewise not disclosing her identity. On Wednesday, no one who called her listed phone numbers was able to get a comment from her.

The police were called to the school because of a battery, and according to the report, the youngster will be charged with a misdemeanor offense.

The boy’s defense attorneys claim he is being wrongfully charged. They went on to say that despite the child’s denial of the allegations, the school nonetheless punished him for 10 school days without conducting a thorough investigation. They indicated he could return to class on Tuesday, so he did. The school district in Volusia County, Florida, has remained silent on the matter.

“My grandson has been accused of something and then punished before the facts,” the grandpa remarked. Because NBC News does not want the child’s identity revealed, they have not revealed the child’s family’s name.

The teacher of the 10-year-old involved in the incident was there, but she did not see what occurred, according to the police report and the suspension letter.


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