After His Father Dies From A Fatal Heart Attack, A 2-Year-Old Boy Starves To Death

An Ontario County, New York man had a deadly heart attack in February, shortly after which his young son, who was only two years old at the time, died of malnutrition.

Nine months have passed since David Conde Sr., 59, and David Conde Jr., 2, were discovered dead in their home at the Serenity Manor Apartments in Upstate New York on February 15. According to NBC News, the cause of death for both individuals has been confirmed.

On Tuesday (November 15), the Ontario County Sheriff’s department made the determination that the cause of the father’s death was “cardiovascular illness.” The agency determined that the death of the toddler was caused by malnutrition and that it was accidental.

The two had been missing since the 22nd of January, and their loved ones had been concerned about their whereabouts. On Thursday (November 17), Lt. Joseph Murphy said that the police were requested to carry out a welfare check on the subject. They were not listed as missing by anyone.

According to the investigators, there were no indications of any kind of foul play or forced entrance. Due to the fact that the front door was locked, the officers had to use force in order to enter the flat when they arrived at the apartment complex.

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Due to the fact that the entrance was secured with a deadbolt, a staff working at the property was unable to unlock the door.

According to the statements made by the police, “it is suspected that Mr. Conde passed away first, and the youngster was not able to take any sustenance after his father went dead.”

The Democrat and Chronicle report that the officials “honestly do not know what caused their deaths at this time” and that there was no evidence of trauma at the scene of the fatalities.

According to the source, Conde Sr. held custody of the child for most of his childhood, despite the fact that the boy’s mother was actively involved in his upbringing.

According to the obituary for Conde Jr., he was born with a medical problem and had only lately mastered the ability to walk “after multiple operations and months of casts and rehabilitation.”

The phrase “a gorgeous baby boy with curly locks” was used to describe him.

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