After The Horrific Shooting At Atlantic Station, Suspects Were Seen On Camera Celebrating

The minutes immediately following a fatal shooting that took place over the weekend close to Atlantic Station in midtown have been captured on surveillance video that the Atlanta police department has made public.

The police said that a big number of juveniles got into a fight shortly after they were hauled out of Atlantic Station for violating the curfew and acting in a disruptive manner.

Within a few minutes before the shooting, the video captures a group of adolescents strolling through midtown Atlanta and arriving at the Arts Center MARTA station.

According to the investigators, it appears as though the adolescents are rejoicing because they felt they have successfully hit their intended target.

After the large battle broke out on the 17th Street Bridge on Saturday night, six young kids, including Zyion Charles, 12, who was in the seventh grade at KIPP Soul Academy, were shot. Zyion Charles was one of the victims.

The information that a second child, Cameron Jackson, age 15, had passed away as a result of injuries he sustained in the shooting was reported by Channel 2 Action News on Wednesday. Since the incident, Jackson’s health had been described as “critical.”

Audrey Washington of Channel 2 learned from the police that the bullets were solely intended for Jackson, but all six victims, including Charles, were struck by them. Charles was one of the casualties.

Detectives have stated that they are attempting to identify each and every person that can be seen in the video, but they are concentrating their efforts on the two individuals who they believe to be the shooters.

These two individuals are the individual who is wearing a bright yellow and black hoodie with a smiley face on it and the individual who is wearing a blue hoodie with white letters.

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