After Tyre Nichols’s Death, A Video Surfaced Showing A Chicago Police Officer Punching A Man In A Cell

Just days after the release of the contentious video depicting the beating Tyre Nichols endured at the hands of Memphis, Tennessee, police, a guy in Chicago was shown being brutally beaten by an arresting officer inside a holding cell.

In 2019, Damien Stewart was stopped for a traffic violation and reportedly discovered to be in possession of a gun. He allegedly lifted the revolver in the air toward the cops before a struggle ensued over possession of it.

“The trauma and generalized fear remain unresolved. These officers continue to patrol the streets “Block Club Chicago cited neighborhood organizer William Calloway as stating alongside Stewart on Tuesday night during the release of the video.

He said, “I want to thank Mr. Stewart because it was what he saw in Memphis that inspired him to come out and share his experience.

Stewart’s arms are examined during a pat down inside his cell, and the audio-free video appears to show tension growing between Stewart and the police officer.

Following Stewart’s standing up, the other officer performing the pat down massages his head before stooping to pick up something from the ground.

The video indicates that Stewart confronts the officer after the officer stands up and turns around, and a physical battle begins. During this struggle, the officer punches Stewart at least 18 times before putting him down.

According to the Chicago Police Department, Officer Enrique Delgado Fernandez “served a 10-day suspension in April 2022 following the disciplinary grievance procedure,” while Sgt. Jerald Williams “served a 15-day suspension in November 2021.”

Following the incident that was seen on camera, Stewart filed a lawsuit, which was resolved for $45,000 in November 2021, according to Block Club Chicago.

According to the website, Calloway and Stewart both demanded the officers be dismissed on Tuesday.

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