AI Expert Seeks Guidance From UN Officials to Establish Global AI Regulatory Body

An AI specialist said that he is currently discussing the establishment of an international organization to oversee artificial intelligence technologies with representatives from the UN and UNESCO.

Gary Marcus, presenter of the AI-focused podcast “Humans vs. Machines with Gary Marcus,” said, “I think the UN, UNESCO, and places like that have been thinking about this for a long time, and I’m consulting with some people in those organizations.”

“A lot of this has to be behind the scenes because there are a lot of parties to please and balance and so forth,” said Marcus, who led Uber’s AI labs from 2016-2017 and co-authored the book “Rebooting AI: Building Artificial Intelligence We Can Trust.” “But I would say the progress has really been spectacular.”

AI Expert Seeks to Establish Global Organization

Marcus hoped that an international organization would assist in limiting false information produced by AI and other potential problems related to the technology’s rapid development. Marcus previously warned Fox News that malicious actors may utilize AI software to “write billions of pieces of misinformation in a single day” or trick individuals into committing cybercrime.

He imagines that the agency would involve the public in the decision-making process.

Chris posted a tweet related to this news:

The AI author told Fox News, “I think if we are to build an international organization, it can’t just be wealthy and high-prestige people making decisions for everyone else.” “There needs to be a way to communicate with people in various parts of society globally.”

Marcus claimed that since he initially publicly proposed the concept of creating a worldwide organization to oversee AI last month, he has had “a lot of interest” from unnamed states and people who are “volunteering to help.”

The cognitive scientist told Fox News, “I’ve already had a ton of people talk to me about it.

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Marcus said he’s experimenting with the notion on Twitter, though he’s not sure how a global AI agency would take user comments into account.

“We ran a Twitter space, and we will run another, where we’ve gotten input from the community,” he said to Fox News.

Another difficulty is that creating a worldwide body to regulate AI would cost a lot of money.

“We need money,” he said. “We need some philanthropists probably to get us started.”

“It’s still a very long road,” Marcus told Fox News. “It’s a big ask, but I think the time for it is right.”

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