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Alameda Co. Sheriff’s Deputy Detained in Central CA for Double Homicide

Alameda Co. Sheriff's Deputy Detained in Central Ca for Double Homicide

Alameda Co. Sheriff's Deputy Detained in Central Ca for Double Homicide

The murders of two persons in a Dublin residence have led to the arrest of an Alameda County sheriff’s officer.

After midnight on Wednesday, residents of Dublin called the police. More than 11 hours later, that deputy surrendered.

Suresh Sandasani, a nearby resident, remarked, “I could never fathom something like this happening.” “This is a wonderfully peaceful area.”
At 12:45 on Wednesday morning, the silence was shattered when 911 was called in.

“The caller and claimed that there was an intruder that had come into the residence,” Chief of Police Garrett Holmes of Dublin said. They were waving a gun and then shot and killed two persons in our neighbourhood.

It turned out the person who called in was an eyewitness.

The victims, a married couple, were a 58-year-old man and a 42-year-old woman, according to preliminary investigation. They claim that there was a minor child and two other people in their house.

Gabriela Gonzalez, a neighbor who did not know the two, claims the gunshots woke her up.

She said she looked out her window and spotted the car that police identified as belonging to the perpetrator.

“Gonzalez claimed, “Within five minutes of that car turning, the one squad car arrived, and after he got out, my windows were open.” “I watched the automobile switch on, and it sped just down this down the road and took a quick turn.” In such case, I overheard him say, “I’ve got two down.””

Devin Williams, an Alameda County Sheriff’s Deputy for a year, was the accused perpetrator. “It’s a big loss for our community, and it’s even more heartbreaking to find out that it was one of our own who truly was the trigger person behind this horrible tragedy,” Holmes said.
After nearly 11 hours on the run, Williams was finally apprehended shortly before a press conference was scheduled to begin at the Dublin Authorities Department headquarters. However, the press conference was postponed due to “major developments,” according to the police.

Police and sheriff’s deputies could be seen frantically running back and forth from the front desk as viewed through the windows.

Later, authorities confirmed it was when the suspect called to surrender.

According to the arrest report, Chief Holmes spent roughly 45 minutes on the phone with Williams on Wednesday, during which time the chief successfully persuaded Williams to turn himself in.

Dublin PD expressed their gratitude to the California Highway Patrol and other agencies who assisted in apprehending the suspect, saying, “We are grateful that the defendant surrendered without incident.”

“We were able to retain him on the line and send the CHP units down to the area around Coalinga to take the suspect securely into custody,” Holmes said.

Now the work goes into finding out what Williams’ motive was. Sheriff’s officials in Alameda County said he was previously healthy but has recently struggled with mental illness.

Lt. Ray Kelly of the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office said, “Some significant events happened in the last several months of his life, that lead up to this moment. A lot of those activities remained unknown and undeclared and we’ll be looking into that.”

Lt. Kelly adds that this murder investigation will be different from others because of the unusual circumstances surrounding the death.

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