Alchemy Of Souls Season 2 Cast: Who Is Back For The Part 2 Of Famous Korean Drama Series?

The first season of the Korean drama Alchemy of Souls, which boasted stunning visuals and an all-star cast, has concluded, much to everyone’s dismay. The show’s 20 episodes were filled with high-octane, otherworldly secrets, and they only touched the surface of the show’s expansive backstory.

The award-winning screenplay team known as the Hong Sisters (composed of Hong Jung-Eun and Mi-ran) created the fictional kingdom of Daeho in South Korea for their film Alchemy of Souls. This kingdom seems to be modeled on the Joseon Dynasty.

Jang Wook (Lee Jae-Wook) is the most powerful sorcerer in Daeho, but he has a dark secret: he has been engaging in illegal soul-shifting. This secret was the focus of the first season of the show.

There was a lot to be sad about and think about after the season finale, but there’s good news: a new season of the K-drama is on the way! Read on to find out about what to expect from the upcoming second season of Alchemy of Souls, which will premiere on December 10 and has been officially dubbed Alchemy of Souls: Light and Shadow (with a Netflix release). Spoilers are forthcoming.

Alchemy Of Souls Season 2: The Storyline

The YouTube teaser for the tvN drama suggests that season two takes place three years after the events of season one.

Jang Uk is shown holding the Ice Stone while engulfed in the blue flame and avoiding death due to his status as the King’s Star, shortly after his heartbreaking death at the hands of his lover Nak Su, who happens to be occupying Mu-body deck’s as a vessel.

After inflicting such havoc, Mu-deok also decides to end his life by leaping from a cliff into the lake. Despite the finale’s best efforts to convince viewers she’s gone for good, two random bystanders end up coming to Mu-rescue. deck’s

In the preview, we see Jang Uk using Nak-sword suns to brutally kill off the soul-shifters. Nak-quick sun’s appearance in a beautiful white outfit is the teaser’s greatest portion. The first season didn’t tell us much about Mu-deck, so season two is shaping up to be a great tease.

Alchemy Of Souls Season 2 CastSource: Cheatsheet

Cho-quest Yeon’s for retribution over the death of her father, Nak-return, sun’s, and the long-awaited reveal of Mu-history decks and the background will all be resolved in the upcoming season.

Alchemy Of Souls Season 2 Cast

Nearly every single one of the season one regulars Is back for season two, and they’ll all be playing significantly larger roles. Jang Uk and Naksu, played by Lee Jae Wook and Go, Yoon Jung, respectively, will return.

The former is famous for his roles in films like Alchemy of Souls Part 1 and True Beauty, while the latter is most known for her appearances on shows like Sweet Home and Law School.

In addition to Hwang Min Hyun as Seo Yul and Shin Seung Ho as Go Won, Yoo Joon Sang as Park Jin, and Oh Na Ra as Kim Do Ju, the drama’s cast includes them all as leading characters.

Some of the other actors and actresses who appear in the film include Yoon In Soo, Arin, Do Sang Woo, Jo Jae Yoon, Park Eun Hye, I’m Chul Sool, Hong Seo Hee, Lee Do Kyung, Lee Ha Yul, Seo Hye Won, Choi Kwang II, Kim Yong Jin, Jung Ji Ahn, Shim So Young, Park So Jin, Lee Ji Ho, and Moon Sook.

Director Park Joon Hwa and writers Hong Jung Eun and Hong Mi Ran will be reuniting for the show after their success with Ok Taec-Bring Yoon’s It On Ghost, What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim, and Lee Dong Wook’s Touch Your Heart.

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