Alex Jones Was Penalised for Refusing to Pass Over Sandy Hook Data

InfoWars presenter Alex Jones was again fined for withholding evidence from the attorneys representing Sandy Hook families.

At the start of his defamation damages trial in Connecticut on Tuesday, the judge scolded the right-wing conspiracy theorist for not turning over enough site data about his coverage of the 2012 Sandy Hook school shooting.

Jones is on trial in Connecticut for a monetary judgment against him by the relatives of numerous victims of the 2012 massacre due to his false allegations that the massacre was a “hoax.”

Alex Jones Was Penalised for Refusing to Pass Over Sandy Hook Data
Alex Jones Was Penalised for Refusing to Pass Over Sandy Hook Data

It was important for the families’ attorneys to make some sort of link between the Google Analytics data and the number of products sold. Jones provided information until June of next year, but he withheld the previous three years’ worth of details.

Jones was fined by Judge Barbara Bellis for being “stunningly cavalier” about his discovery responsibilities. In addition, she forbade his attorneys from claiming that he had no financial gain from writing about the Sandy Hook massacre.

Bellis stated in Connecticut Superior Court, “this astonishingly flippant attitude with respect to their discovery responsibilities is what led to the default in the first place.”

The court said, “From the outset of these cases and all the way through to trial, the defendants have consistently engaged in dilatory and obstructive discovery techniques.”

Jones was not in attendance at the courthouse on Tuesday in Waterbury, Connecticut. Family members of the victims and members of the press filled the courtroom. A group of about 20 relatives showed up at the courthouse together about 15 minutes before the trial was set to begin.

A single female protester gathered outside an hour before the trial began, holding a banner that read, “Alex Jones karma is a bitch.”

The parents of 6-year-old Jesse Lewis, who was among the 26 killed in the school massacre, successfully sued Jones for defamation last month after he falsely claimed the killing was a fabrication. The Texas jury awarded the Lewises almost $50 million in damages.

Judge Bellis found Jones and his company, Free Speech Systems, responsible for defamation of 15 plaintiffs in 2021. The plaintiffs have filed a defamation suit against Jones, claiming that he caused them emotional pain through his words.

Relatives of five victims from the Sandy Hook shooting and one FBI agent are among the plaintiffs in the Connecticut trial, who are part of three claims that have been merged.

According to the AP, the plaintiffs allege that they have been subjected to online and offline harassment by Jones’s supporters, including death threats and harsh comments, all because of Jones’s insistence that the massacre was staged.

Jones initially apologized to the families of the Sandy Hook shooting victims and admitted that the shooting had taken place during his defamation trial in Texas. However, he later retracted his apology during an interview and denied that the shooting had taken place “Any further apologies will be ignored. Finished with me.”

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