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Alphaeon Credit Card Login: Customer Services And Payment Methods Complete Guide

Alphaeon Credit Card Login

Alphaeon Credit Card Login

If you are an Alphaeon Credit Card member then you can read this article to know how you can Alphaeon Credit Card Login to your account and pay your credit card bill? How to access customer services and other online services? What are the fee and charges of the Alphaeon Cosmetic and Alphaeon Vision Credit Card?

What is Alphaeon Credit Card?

Alphaeon is a Healthcare credit card that provides convenient payment facilities and special financing solutions. All cardholders can use this credit card to pay their treatment charges done by dentists, dermatologists, ophthalmologists, and plastic surgeons. There are two types of credit cards issued.

Both credit cards are almost similar in features but different in the treatment type.

Alphaeon Credit Card Login

You may log in to your Alphaeon account online on the official website. After login customers can easily manage their account and access available online services.

Login prerequisites/requirements:

  • You must have your username and password ready to log in.
  • You must have a valid URL of your Alphaeon Comenity account

Login process:

Step 1: First of all visit the official website through the below links according to your credit card account.

Step 2: On the Comenity website page, click the Sign In button. The Login screen will appear on the same page.

Step 3: Enter your username and password and click the Sign In button to access your Alphaeon account.

Alphaeon Credit Card Account Recovery Options

Recover your username and password by clicking the Forgot Username / Password? link on the login screen.

How to register a new Alphaeon credit card account?

Visit the Alphaeon Comenity account page through the below links.

Click the Register Now link and register a new account on the Comenity website.

Alphaeon Credit Card Payment

  • Customers can pay their card bill by calling customer service number 1-855-497-8176 (TDD/TTY 1-888-819-1918). There may be a charge for the same-day payment over the phone.
  • Customers can visit the Online Account Center to pay bills through their online accounts.

You can also check other credit card login informations:

How to Apply?

Alphaeon Credit is offered by dentists, dermatologists, ophthalmologists, and plastic surgeons so you can contact your Doctor’s office to apply for this credit card. You may also check your pre-qualify criteria online at If you don’t qualify in the pre-qualify check then there is no need to send a full application. Please check again after 30 days.

Alphaeon Credit Card Customer Service

In case of any query or concern, please call customer service at 1-855-497-8176 (TDD/TTY 1-888-819-1918).

The customer service number is useful for the below information or service.

  • Closing your Alphaeon Credit card account?
  • Get account information billing statement and transaction details.
  • Change your account profile information, address, etc.
  • Get your statement, and pay bills.
  • Report lost/stolen card.
  • Check available credit.
  • Request a credit limit increase.
  • Add an Authorized Buyer to your account?

Those who require money for their treatment costs immediately might consider the Alphaeon credit card. This credit card is a fantastic choice for paying your medical bills because it has a 0% interest-based financing option and a long-term low APR-based financing. The CareCredit card, which is also a credit card for medical expenses, is an additional option.

Although CareCredit offers a wide range of treatment options, Alphaeon is best for cosmetic and vision-related treatments. When submitting an application for a credit card, it is advisable to review all financing terms and conditions.

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