Amazon Driver Killed By Dog Found Near Truck

After discovering the body of an Amazon delivery man in Excelsior Springs, Missouri, with what may have been dog bite injuries, authorities there have opened an inquiry into his death.

After receiving a report that an Amazon delivery truck had been parked in front of a residence for several hours on Monday evening, police were dispatched to the location.

Amazon Driver Killed By Dog Found Near Truck
Amazon Driver Killed By Dog Found Near Truck

The driver’s body, together with that of a German shepherd and a mastiff, were found by authorities within the closed gate of a fence close to the delivery truck. Ray County Sheriff Scott Childers said the homeowners were not home at the time. About 30 miles to the northeast of Kansas City, Missouri, is where you’ll find this county.

When one of the deputies accidentally shot one of the dogs, the animal was hurt. A sheriff’s report indicated that two dogs had entered the house. When Childers came, he entered the home, and the dogs did not change their hostile attitude toward him.

They kept attacking, so I had to kill them,” Childers said.

The scene was thoroughly processed, and everything from the driver’s body to the two dead dogs was taken away for analysis. Childers claims that during the next few days, an autopsy and necropsy would be conducted on the driver and the dogs.

Childers noticed the unidentified driver’s serious injuries, but he couldn’t say whether or not those injuries were caused by the dogs.

We don’t know what killed the Amazon driver just yet, but he had significant injuries consistent with dog bites.

Lisa Levandowski, a representative for Amazon (AMZN), expressed sympathy for the driver and his loved ones.

A member of the Amazon family was involved in a horrible accident tonight, and she said the company will be there to assist both the team and the driver’s loved ones. We are cooperating with authorities at this time.



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