Amazon Driver Saves Family From Burning Home on Long Island

One Long Island deliveryman is being hailed as a hero after he bravely entered a blazing home to rescue its occupants.

The driver told CBS2’s Tim McNicholas his terrifying story on Sunday evening.

Windows and doors have been covered with tarps and boards following the fire. Some of the house was destroyed by the fire, but the occupants escaped unharmed.

Amazon Driver Saves Family From Burning Home on Long Island
Amazon Driver Saves Family From Burning Home on Long Island

Syosset firemen arrived at the Bluebird Drive home just four minutes after the 911 call was made and discovered a family waiting outside.

The fire was rapidly expanding, Kevin Rivera added.

Even before Rivera’s assistance, they had escaped.

Rivera claimed, “Everyone is calling me a hero.”

The Amazon driver reported that he was wrapping up for the day on Saturday shortly after 4 p.m. when he noticed flames approaching the front of the house. He claimed to have seen numerous individuals inside through the open front door, including a mother and a baby who seemed oblivious to the fire.

Because “I didn’t want nobody to die in that house,” Rivera hurried inside.

He claims he warned the seven people inside about the fire, but they didn’t understand him at first because of the language barrier.

“They just bewildered,” Rivera explained.

Out of the reach of the flames, he pushed them, they should go by the rear door. After some time, they arrived at their destination and finally viewed the residence.

They became “emotional and started crying,” Rivera claimed.

Amanda Johnson, a local resident, recorded footage of the blaze on her camera phone.

“It might have been a lot worse,” Johnson remarked.

Rivera’s actions moved her so much that she shared the driver’s tale online and gave him high accolades.

I thought it was fantastic,” Johnson added.

Previously thanked for his delivery, the community is now grateful to him for much more.

“I honestly feel fantastic that I done something,” Rivera remarked.

Luckily, no one in the house was seriously wounded. The cause of the fire is still being investigated.