Amazon Sued For Not Hiring California Sex Offenders

Several claimants in California have filed a class action lawsuit against Amazon, alleging that the firm exploited the state’s online sex offender database without permission when performing background checks on job applicants.

According to Law 360, a registered sex offender filed filings in California federal court claiming Amazon utilized a background check service that illegally used information collected on the state’s sex offender database to deny him a job due to a past rape conviction.

Amazon Sued For Not Hiring California Sex Offenders
Amazon Sued For Not Hiring California Sex Offenders

According to Reuters, the lawsuit alleges that the plaintiff and others were barred from being hired by the corporation, including at its fulfillment centers, because of the bias suit.

Bloomberg Law reports that the lawsuit, which names Amazon and the background check firm it employs as defendants, has the potential to develop into a class action suit.

In the lawsuit, Miguel Lerma Jr. names Services LLC, Amazon Logistics Inc, and Accurate Background Inc. as defendants.

Lerma says he spent the summer working at a California Amazon fulfillment center. When Accurate Background learned of the felony rape charge against him from 2011, they rescinded the conditional offer of full-time employment they had made.

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