Who Is Amy Schumer Husband Chris Fischer? Have A Look At Amy Schumer And Chris Fischer’s Relationship Timeline

Amy Schumer Husband Chris Fischer and Amy Schumer were first seen together in 2017; they later got married in 2018. The romance between Amy Schumer and Chris Fischer got off to a hectic start.

In November 2017, Schumer and the chef were first mentioned in connection. In February 2018, just a few days after the comedian made their relationship Instagram official, the couple was married in a secret ceremony in Malibu.

Schumer later talked about the couple’s courtship, telling the TODAY Show that after a month of seeing Fischer, she knew he was “the one.” She chuckled, “We got down to business fairly fast.”

The couple has since celebrated a number of occasions, including the arrival of their son, Gene David, in May 2019. Even their cooking program, Amy Schumer Learns to Cook, received an Emmy nomination for Schumer and Fischer.

Who Is Amy Schumer Husband Chris Fischer?

Chris, Amy’s husband, is a highly accomplished chef. Simply said, Amy’s husband is a well-known chef from Martha’s Vineyard who specializes in cooking with locally sourced, farm-fresh ingredients.

Along with celebrity chefs, he has worked as a private chef, built numerous restaurants, and worked in a number of prestigious restaurants. Since around 1670, generations of his family have lived on Martha’s Vineyard.

Here is all there is to know about Amy Schumer and Chris Fischer’s relationship, from candlelight dinners to the birth of their first child.

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Amy Schumer And Amy Schumer Husband Chris Fischer Relationship Timeline

Amy Schumer And Chris Fischer Have Dinner Together In New York In November 2017

When Schumer and Fischer were pictured dining together at a candlelight meal in New York City in November 2017, suspicions about a possible relationship between the two began to circulate.

In May 2017, Schumer and her boyfriend of one and a half years, Ben Hanisch, called it quits. This was before her date with Fischer.

Amy Schumer Marries Chris Fischer On February 13, 2018

On February 13, 2018, Schumer and Fischer exchanged vows in a secret ceremony in Malibu, California.

Amy Schumer HusbandSource: USA Today

Around 80 people, including friends Jennifer Aniston and Larry David, attended the intimate ceremony. Just four days prior to the wedding, the bride selected a classic white Monique Lhuillier wedding gown.

Schumer shared images from the wedding on Instagram to announce her “spur-of-the-moment” marriage.

Amy Schumer And Chris Fischer Shared Their Baby’s Ultrasound In November 2018

On Instagram, Schumer posted a video from her ultrasound appointment. “It is constantly shifting. I’m throwing up every day because it has so much energy, oh my God, oh my God “said Schumer.

Amy Schumer Revealed That Chris Fischer Has Autistic Spectrum Disorder In March 2019

The comedian Amy Schumer announced that her spouse had autism in her Netflix special, Amy Schumer: Growing. She remarked, “What used to be called Asperger’s was diagnosed with my spouse. “He has a spectrum disorder with autism.

On the spectrum, he is. There were also some early warning indications.” Fischer’s traits “that make it evident that he’s on the spectrum are all the reasons I fell passionately in love with him,” Schumer continued.

In an Instagram post before the special’s airing, Schumer expressed his gratitude to Fischer. She commented, “Thank you to my husband Chris who has kept me going during this pregnancy.

“He is brave and lovely in his readiness and desire to be transparent with the world about himself and our marriage. I am looking forward to sharing my life with you and our expanding family.”

Amy Schumer And Chris Fischer Welcome A Son On May 5, 2019

On May 5, 2019, Schumer and Fischer gave birth to their son Gene David. Schumer joked, “Our royal baby was born,” alluding to Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s son Archie, who was born the day after Gene.

Amy Schumer Confirms On January 9, 2020, That She And Chris Fischer Are Having IVF

Schumer stated she was having IVF “to give Gene a brother” in a sincere Instagram post. She penned, “After one week of IVF, I feel incredibly depleted and emotional. If anyone has been through it and would like to offer advice or share their experience with me, please do.”

February 13, 2021: Amy Schumer And Chris Fischer Celebrate Their Third Wedding Anniversary

Schumer shared a selfie she took with Fischer on Instagram to mark her third wedding anniversary. Fischer and Schumer were both covered up in the image. She wrote, “Married for 3 years.”

Amy Schumer Celebrates Turning 40 In May 2021 With A Funny Cake Made By Chris Fischer

Fischer gave his wife a birthday cake with a surprise message for Schumer’s 40th birthday. After her loved ones had sung “He brought her a cake with the message, “Happy Birthday, I’m leaving you. This was the only method I could come up with.”

Amy Schumer Wishes Chris Fischer A Happy 43rd Birthday On January 2, 2023

Schumer shared a picture of the couple on Instagram in honor of her husband’s birthday.

“Greetings on my husband’s birthday. Chris. I can tolerate you. Please continue to stand, “She gave the photo a caption.

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