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An American Woman Wanted in the UK on Suspicion of Murder Has Been Apprehended!

An American Woman Wanted in the Uk on Suspicion of Murder Has Been Apprehended

A mother who was detained in the United States on suspicion of the murder of two of her children before fleeing the nation has been brought before a London court to face extradition procedures after her detention in the United Kingdom.

On December 19th, police in Colorado Springs responded to a burglary report and discovered the bodies of Kimberlee Singler’s nine-year-old daughter and seven-year-old son at their house. The police eventually stated that the claim was baseless.

According to Ira Cronin, a spokesperson for the Colorado Springs police department, Singler, 35, first cooperated with authorities but then vanished while the investigation was underway. Last Tuesday, US authorities were able to secure an arrest warrant on various offenses, including attempted murder and murder.

According to Cronin, Singler was last spotted in Colorado Springs on December 23rd and was not under surveillance. The United States government did not elaborate on the international arrest, but it did say that it was cooperating with other law enforcement organizations.

The Westminster magistrates court heard Singler’s case on Monday. Singler was apprehended on Monday, according to the UK’s National Crime Agency.

According to a representative from the National Crime Agency, a 35-year-old woman wanted in the US for offenses including two counts of murder and one count of attempted murder was apprehended by officers from the agency’s national extradition unit in the Kensington area of London on Saturday, December 30, 2023.

“Extradition proceedings will be initiated today [1 January] when she appears before Westminster magistrates court.” A representative from the Colorado Springs police department confirmed that Kimberlee Singler was apprehended in the UK without any problems.

“Cooperating closely with various law enforcement agencies, detectives from the homicide unit of the Colorado Springs police department are carrying out the ongoing investigation.” Authorities in Colorado discovered Singler’s home with her 11-year-old daughter wounded, the bodies of her two children, and her suffering from minor injuries.

According to Cronin, Singler was first treated as if he had been a burglar. The Colorado Springs, Colorado, hospital released the injured girl after a few days of treatment.

Filings made in US courats show that Singler and her ex-husband, Kevin Wentz, were involved in a legal battle for parenting time and different matters. The imminent loss of custody of her children was reportedly looming over Singler.

Elianna “Elie” and Aden Wentz, the names and photographs of Wentz’s two daughters who passed away, were shared on Sunday.

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