An Emt Is Killed After An Ambulance Crashes On Interstate 10 In St. Tammany

According to the State Police, a collision that occurred at one in the morning on Sunday on Interstate 10 in St. Tammany near Highway 1090 resulted in the death of a 36-year-old Emergency Medical Technician driving an ambulance.

According to the police, John Crow, from Pascagoula, was riding in an Acadian Ambulance with two other people. According to the police, the vehicle was moving in a westerly direction when, for reasons that are unknown, it collided with the back of a 2020 Volvo Box Truck.

According to the police, Crow was wearing a belt at the time of the incident, yet, he still suffered fatal injuries and was pronounced dead at the site. Two people riding in the ambulance had minor injuries and were subsequently sent to the hospital. The driver of the Volvo did not sustain any injuries in the accident.

The President of Acadian Ambulance, Justin Back, said how devastated the organization is by the tragedy.

A friend told me that Crow was getting his certifications to become a paramedic.

According to the coroner, Charles Preston, “the loss of any life in this manner is devastating; nevertheless, the loss of a first responder who was fulfilling his duties is especially heartbreaking.” Our deepest sympathies go out to Mr. Crow’s loved ones and employees; they will likely feel the impact of his passing the most keenly.

Acadian Ambulance has stated that it is assisting the State Police and any other units that are investigating the collision.

According to the police, impairment is not suspected; however, they are concerned that the dense fog that formed early on Sunday could have contributed to the dangerous conditions that they say caused 16 separate vehicles to be involved in crashes along Interstate 10 in Slidell late Saturday night and early Sunday morning.

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