Andrew Dorff Cause Of Death: How Did Stephen Dorff’s Brother Die While Playing In The Jacuzzi?

Kid 90, a documentary by Soleil Moon Frye, takes viewers back to a time before the rise of the selfie and the obsession with instant fame that it can inspire among today’s youth. What was Andrew Dorff Cause Of Death?

The actress most remembered for her portrayal as Punky Brewster discusses her upbringing in Hollywood and her transition from child stardom, among other notable teen stars of the 1990s.

Soleil started recording her teenage years in Hollywood with a camcorder, and she finally chose to reveal the footage two decades later.

The Hulu documentary explores the joys and sorrows of these young people’s lives, including both the good times and the bad.

Singer/songwriter Andrew Dorff, who passed away in 2016, is remembered by Soleil in Kid 90. Please read on to learn more about this fascinating topic.

Who Was Andrew Dorff?

Nashville’s in-demand actor, composer, and author Andrew Dorff is credited with penning songs for artists like Blake Shelton and Kenny Chesney. Los Angeles, California, USA is the location of his birth on December 16th, 1976.

As early as he can remember, Andrew knew he wanted to pursue music. Throughout it all, he was able to get some notoriety and success in the music world.

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Andrew’s popularity was on the rise as he began penning for major recording artists. There was once a period when nearly all female singers desired male harmony partners.

Wheeler, Rascal Flatts: Yours If You Want It, and Beauty and the Beast were among his most well-known works.

Andrew Dorff was not married and was not seeing anyone at the time. Little is known about his current or past romantic involvements.

Once upon a time, he penned tunes for superstars like Blake Shelton and Kenny Chesney. Hulu’s kid 90 documentary highlighted Andrew’s life and brought him to widespread attention.

Unfortunately, he was unable to enjoy his fame and fortune for very much longer, as he passed away in 2016. But, What was Andrew Dorff Cause Of Death?

What Was Andrew Dorff Cause Of Death? His Death Was Mysterious

The country singer/songwriter died in Turks & Caicos in December 2016. Actor Stephen Dorff, Andrew’s brother, spoke up about his death when he was 40 during an interview with Larry King.

We don’t know for sure, but there was drinking, a Jacuzzi, and water, he claimed. Andrew was playing in the water when someone saw that he was lying still on his back.

My brother ought to be here, reveling in his achievement, but instead, he was taken to that beach where they did something to him that I don’t know about or can’t explain.

Andrew was well-known for penning chart-topping songs for artists such as Blake Shelton, Rascal Flatts, and more.

Stephen has a significant role in the film, reminiscing on his time in Los Angeles in the 1990s.

As An Ex-Hollywood Insider, Soleil Moon Frye Muses On The Friendships She’s Lost

Soleil told Too Fab about listening to old cassette tapes with her best friends from her days as a kid performer.

“Friends often look back on their wilder times and wonder, “Oh, what was I thinking at that time?” It was just so fun to see,” she remarked.

After that, the actress said, “Some of the most profound moments occurred when I rewatched the tapes with Stephen, especially those involving my late friend Andrew Dorff, whom I loved dearly and who I believe is watching over us now.

As childhood friends, we grew even closer after his death because of the cassettes we shared.”

Soleil also mulls over old voicemails from departed pals in the Hulu documentary. Actors Jonathan Brandis and Justin Pierce, who both committed suicide, played for Soleil, and she commented on hearing their voices.

YouTube video

“All of our imperfections and highs and lows don’t stop me from loving the human race. Realizing how much others love me was a great experience, “According to what Soleil revealed to TooFab.

He continued, “Finding the voicemails from Jonathan — when we were kids, he’d press pound, because literally, Jonathan would have this thing where he liked to fill up my tape — so he’d talk for 30 minutes at a time and it was really in those final moments of those audio recordings that he really shared so much of himself and you hear that through the documentary.

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