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Andrew Tate Criticized for Sitting in Cold Sauna in Romania

Andrew Tate Criticized for Sitting in Cold Sauna in Romania

Andrew Tate Criticized for Sitting in Cold Sauna in Romania

People have made fun of Andrew Tate because he seems to be sitting in what looks like a cold shower.

The popular influencer, who is 36 and has millions of followers, is currently under house arrest because he or she is suspected of being involved in organized crime and human trafficking.

Tate won a court case on Friday (March 31) that stopped him from going to jail. He was then put under house arrest.

The former Big Brother contestant was first arrested in Bucharest at the end of December, along with his brother Tristan and two Romanian women. None of the four have been officially charged in the case yet. All four of them reject the claims.

Tate stood in a sauna while it looked like he was sweating in a tweet.

Most Saunas Have Temperatures Between 80C and 100C

Sauna experts made fun of Tate on social media after they noticed that the temperature seems to be set to 50C, which means the sauna was probably cold.

Most saunas in the UK have temperatures between 80C and 100C. In Finnish baths, the temperature can sometimes reach 110C.

Others made fun of the shamed kickboxer-turned-influencer for sitting on the bottom bench in the sauna. They said that was for kids because heat rises, so the top benches were hotter.

“You’re sitting on the bottom bench in a cold sauna, which is for kids,” one person wrote.

“Is that shiny stuff sweat or baby oil?” asked someone else.

Some people didn’t understand how the celebrity could be sweating in a sauna that was so cold.

People in Finland said that he was doing it “wrong” on social media.

“Dude you do it wrong. First, you have to be naked in a sauna. The second thing is that you should sit at the top table.” This is how you use a sauna. “Hello from Finland,” someone wrote.

It comes as a UK law company plans to sue Tate in civil court on behalf of three people who say they were hurt by him. He is accused of sexually and physically abusing the women in a brutal way.

In a statement about the new allegations, a spokesperson for Tate said, “Andrew and his brother were just let out of jail, and they haven’t been formally charged with any crime.” More so, criminal courts in the UK have thrown out similar false accusations against Andrew in the past.

“Andrew Tate and his team are determined to clear his name and restore his reputation. They will take immediate and strong legal action against defamation, slander, and trying to change the course of justice.”

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