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Andrew Yang was born to Taiwanese immigrant parents in upstate New York, where he spent his early years. In addition to his mother being a systems administrator at a nearby institution, his father worked as an IBM researcher in the field. Political science and economics double major at Brown University, Yang In his 24th year of law school, he graduated from Columbia University with a J.D. and was hired by the New York City firm Davis Polk as an associate attorney. Many would-be lawyers would swoon over Yang’s career; however, she found it unfulfilling.

Andrew Yang Early Life

In Schenectady, New York, Andrew Yang was born on January 13, 1975. His mother was a university system administrator and his father worked as a researcher for IBM and GE.

Yang and his older brother Lawrence were both bullied and called racial slurs at the public school they attended in Somers, Westchester County, New York.

Afterward, Yang went to Phillips Exeter Academy, where he was an excellent student. As a member of the 1992 US debate team, he participated in London for a global championship.

Brown University, where he received his bachelor’s degree, accepted him as a student because of his strong academics and achievement on the debate team. After graduating, he went to Columbia Law School and received a JD.

A business attorney at Davis Polk & Wardwell in New York City was Yang’s first job after graduating from the University of California, Berkeley.

Andrew Yang Career

Due to his lack of enjoyment and satisfaction, Yang decided to leave the company after only five months.

He decided to pursue his interests. Founded by Wang and his coworker, Jonathan Phillips, Stargiving is a humanitarian crowdfunding platform. The website had some initial success, but it ultimately failed to gain traction.

After that, Yang and a close buddy, Zeke Vanderhoek, worked together at Manhattan Prep, a test prep company.

Yang rose quickly through the ranks to become the company’s first CEO, overseeing a massive expansion from five to 69 offices.

Following Kaplan Inc’s 2009 acquisition of the company, Yang quit and was excited to embark on a new endeavor.

Soon after, Yang established Venture for America (VFA), a non-profit organization to help people in economically disadvantaged areas become entrepreneurs.

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106 students graduated from VFA in 2014, which was recognized by the Obama administration as a sign of the company’s success.

As part of the White House program Champions of Change, Yang was one of only 500 people in the United States to receive this honor. In addition, he was designated as a Presidential Envoy for Global Entrepreneurship.

As a result of his time working in the Obama White House, his political career took off, and he announced his candidacy for president of the United States in 2020 in 2017.

Most of his supporters came from the internet, which he used extensively during his campaign. Despite his early success, the former Massachusetts governor finally decided to back Joe Biden rather than continue the race.

Yang revealed in 2021 that he was running for mayor of New York City, and he quickly became the front-runner in the race. However, on election night, he finished fourth in the first-place votes, forcing him to abandon his campaign.

Andrew Yang Career in Politics

In 2017, Yang announced that he will be seeking the Democratic Party’s presidential candidacy in the year 2020. To give every American over the age of 18 a $1,000 monthly basic income, one of his most well-known initiatives is the Freedom Dividend. This year Yang’s campaign focused on responding to the rapid development of automation and its impact on employment and the economy.

Yang’s campaign has a reputation for relying heavily on the Internet for its outreach. Yang has been dubbed “The Internet’s Favorite Candidate” by the New York Times for his internet popularity. On Reddit, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms, the Yang Gang, as his campaign’s backers are called, has been spreading the word about him.

His catchphrases, such as “Humanity First,” “Not Left, Not Right, Forward,” and “Make America Think Harder,” have made him a household name (“MATH”).

He has been sponsored by several people including Tesla and SpaceX creator, Elon Musk, Zappos founder Tony Hseih, actor Donald Glover, actress Teri Hatcher, actor, and doctor Ken Jeong, and comedian Dave Chappelle.

Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey, actors Nicolas Cage and Noah Centineo, Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo, and Internet personality Ryan Higa have all contributed to Yang’s campaign funds.

Yang described Trump’s desire to delay the presidential election as yet another distraction from his terrible management of COVID-19 in an August 2020 interview with CNN. There is 72 percent of Americans believe this is the worst moment of their lives, according to Yang. Yang thinks this will hurt Trump.

Andrew Yang Personal Life

In 2011, Andrew Yang and Evelyn Lu became husband and wife. They have two sons, one of whom is autistic.

Yang is a member of the New Paltz Reformed Church. A self-described “spiritual seeker,” he has stated that his path is continually unfolding.

When asked about his favorite president, Yang revealed that it’s Theodore Roosevelt, whose great-granddaughter he is the godfather, in an interview with The Hill.


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Andrew Yang’s Net Worth

With a fortune of $600 thousand, Andrew Yang is an American philanthropist, novelist, politician, and lawyer. In 2019, he first became well-known as a Democratic presidential contender. He ran on a platform of universal basic income, which he dubbed the “Freedom Dividend” during his campaign. “The Yang Gang” was the name given to a group of his admirers.

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