‘Angry, Petrified’: US Voters Reveal Their Anxieties

More than 100 million Americans are registered to vote in upcoming congressional elections, yet the vast majority of them feel gloomy about the future of the nation. Why?

A poll conducted in the summer by the Associated Press and the Norc found that 84% of voters were unhappy with the election. This pessimism is shared by Republicans and Democrats alike, although for different reasons.

'Angry, Petrified': Us Voters Reveal Their Anxieties
‘Angry, Petrified’: Us Voters Reveal Their Anxieties

We polled people on both their greatest concerns and their highest aspirations for the future.

Republicans win control of both chambers of Congress. People will stop participating because they realize their opinions don’t matter. People will become jaded and indifferent as a result of the prolonged period of stagnation. If the Republicans win both houses, it will be because voters didn’t value democracy, which is disappointing. I would be really taken aback and discouraged. If nothing changes, Americans will realize the blame is shared by the two major parties.

Is there any cause for optimism?

If Tim Ryan in Ohio or John Fetterman in Pennsylvania, two candidates who ran clean campaigns, win, it will prove to me that the United States is not as hopeless and cynical as I had thought.

Exactly how bad might it get?

There isn’t a good choice among them. It’s so fragmented. There are extremists on both sides, and that’s concerning. Worried that people on both sides may react negatively if their preferred candidates don’t win, I can’t help but vote for a third party. Potentially dangerous, even potentially leading to riots. In other words, everyone is fired up. I really don’t want to wake up on Wednesday and hear that Pennsylvania is on fire. Unfortunately, no matter what happens on Election Day, things will only become more intense for the presidential election starting on Wednesday. There is no respite in sight until 2024.

Is there any cause for optimism?

If Republicans succeed in Minnesota, it will be a little victory. I cast my ballot with the economy and security in mind.


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