Anthony Corrado Of Naples K!lled A Woman After Be@ting A Couple With A Hammer

When a man asked her to assist in cleaning a home in Golden Gate Estates where she discovered a body and bl0od-spattered walls, the scared cleaner signaled down deputies.

After k!lling a woman and brutally be@ting an elderly man on Wednesday at Golden Gate Estates, a 34-year-old male is being held by the CCSO, according to detectives.

Second-degree m*rder and aggravated v*olence on a person over the age of 65 are charges against Anthony Michael Corrado, a resident of Naples.

The below tweet confirms this incident as homic*de.

Corrado and the victims were acquainted. Despite Corrado’s release from prison last year, the woman still maintained a valid order of protection against him.

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Sheriff Kevin Rambosk said, “This person is in our custody thanks to the quick response by deputies and the quick-witted reporter who was able to get herself out of the house and alert law enforcement.”

According to detectives, Corrado requested assistance from a housekeeper to clean a home on 16th Street Northeast around 2:30 pm on Wednesday.

A bloodied Corrado led the housekeeper to the victim’s lifeless body in a bedroom when she arrived. She left the house in fear, claiming that she needed to collect cleaning supplies from her car. She sped off and stopped a deputy in his police car.

Deputies arrived at the house where they discovered the corpse right away. They discovered a man with significant head injuries in another room, covered under a blanket. According to the news statement, he was transported by medical helicopter to a trauma clinic.

On the countertop of a kitchen, deputies discovered a hammer covered in bl0od. Inside the house, there was bl0od on the ground and walls.

Corrado was standing outside the house when deputies arrived, covered in blood.

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