Anti-Asian Harassment At San Ramon In-n-out Restaurant Was Captured On Tape

On Christmas Eve, two customers at an In-N-Out Burger in San Ramon encountered racial epithets and threats. The incident was recorded on camera.

You’re filming yourself eating? A man approached Arine Kim and her buddy from behind while they were sampling menu items at In-N-Out, according to Arine Kim. You strange homosexuals.

In response, Kim and her friend laughed irrationally. Soon later, the man went back to their table and inquired, “Are you Korean or Japanese? Are you dating Kim Jong Un? Do you two engage in gay sex?

After a brief discussion, Kim’s friend reacted sarcastically and requested permission to take the man out to supper. When Kim saw that the situation would get worse, she yelled, “Stop,” several times. The man threatened to spit in their faces in response.

The man then returned and referred to himself as a slave master before shouting a homophobic epithet at Kim’s buddy, despite the pair’s best efforts to remain calm and ignore him. “See you outside in a minute,” he continued.

“This is not in the name of holiday cheer,” the close bystander who came to check on Kim and her buddy stated.

Kim tells KRON4 that the man started harassing other persons of color as well when he returned to the restaurant to pick up his order. The man, according to Kim, would leave the restaurant after the interactions and smoke cigarettes while waving and glancing at the two.

When Kim and her companion made the decision to stay until the In-N-Out restaurant closed, they requested a worker to check the outside to make sure no one was still waiting for them. Kim was appreciative that the worker kept an eye on them as they made their way to their car to ensure their safety.

Denton Carlson, the chief of the San Ramon Police Department, saw the video after Kim later posted it on her social media accounts. Her video was reposted by Carlson, who urged the two to get in touch. Kim claims that she has been in contact with the police ever since to inquire about the incident.

On Sunday, just before 4 p.m., Carlson tweeted a picture of the potential offender. According to Carlson, the picture was shot on Christmas morning when the man showed “identical conduct.” According to authorities, the car in the picture is a silver Mustang with Florida license plates.

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