Arcane Season 2: Netflix Release Date, Cast & Story

Arcane, is a Netflix original series that premiered in November 2021 and quickly became a great sensation thanks to its intriguing story (and one hell of a cliffhanger ending).

The show’s future, season two, and even beyond have been eagerly awaited by fans (and us) since then.

Fortunately, we now have some answers, and while we know it will take some time, we know it will be worth it in the end.

While taking place in the world of Riot Games’ League of Legends, Arcane relates the origin stories of several characters, including sisters Vi (Hailee Steinfeld) and Jinx (Ella Purnell).

The actress joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Kate Bishop, a young aspirant superhero whom Hawkeye mentors, in the Christmas special of Marvel’s Hawkeye. She was also praised for her role as a young Emily Dickinson in the film Dickinson.

For the six years, it took to make season one of Arcane, creators Christian Linke and Alex Yee hired her as the voice of Vi.

One Esports spoke with Yee, who said that “in many situations, the folks we decided to work with were not quite as large as they ended up being.”

As Linke put it, “It was interesting to see how many of the people we’ve worked with over the years had gone on to have successful careers in a variety of various mediums and projects.

Ella Purnell, who most recently wowed audiences in Yellowjackets, was another great selection for the role of Jinx. Yee remarked, “We’re all familiar with her from the game.” To see the real person behind the big, brilliant, flashy Jinx persona, we wanted to use Ella’s subtlety and authenticity. I think she did remarkably well in that role.”

So, what’s next for the show, and who can we expect to see return? So far, this is all we have to go on.

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Arcane Season 2 Plot

Season one ended on a high note, with plenty of loose ends left to be picked up in season two.

Silco’s death has left Zaun without a leader, and it isn’t obvious who will take his place. There is a good chance that Vi will have to step up, given that she is the adopted daughter of Zaun’s former leader Vander.

A rocket launcher was pointed towards the Council building at the end of the episode, just as they were voting on a law to grant Zaun independence. Whether or not there are any survivors from the detonation to confirm that the independence vote was passed remains to be discovered. Her outraged behavior could lead to a war between Piltover and Zaun.

Jinx is unlikely to see her sister Vi again anytime soon, either. Vi had hoped to mend fences with Jinx, but witnessing your sibling shoot a rocket into a crowded building was a tough pill to swallow for Vi.

For upcoming seasons, Reed Shannon has several plot goals (via CBR). “Ekko and Mel interacting would be fantastic. That’d be insane! A unique aspect of Arcane piqued my interest: despite the stark racial disparities that exist between the upper and lower reaches of the city, the characters never bring up the subject of race.

“So I’d like to watch how folks with the same appearance interact with each other. Is there something like that going on, or is it just everyone showing up? The fact that Ekko is so sharp and would think, ‘Oh, you could be exploited…’ is another reason I’d love to see them connect. In the future, we could transport you back to Noxus and you could build a gigantic structure.’ That sounds like a lot of fun.”

That’s for sure. Moreover, there is a potential that Shannon will see his dreams come true on the silver screen.

Linke stated to Superpixel, “We want to tell more stories.” “Whether it’s a TV show or a film, there will always be more questions we want to be answered. There were no plans from the outset to turn it into a television show, like Arcane. Because these characters are so beloved by the audience, we decided to just go with the flow. We’re going to tell you a story.’

“And then over time, we found out we need the time of a TV show to go as deep as we want to – Vi and Jinx, Victor and Jayce, etc. However, there may come a time when the story will be told in a movie format. After more investigation, I believe that we will be able to relate many more stories. Yes, I believe there will be.”

Arcane Season 2 Characters

Arcane Season 2 Character

In the second season, the following cast members will be returning to voice their characters:

  • Vi is played by Hailee Steinfeld.
  •  Caitlyn’s character is played by Katie Leung
  • Jinx’s character is played by Ella Purnell.

A teaser from Arcane’s staff has fans speculating if there could be an exciting new character in the series.

Teaser footage includes only a few lines of speech and no new visuals, but Arcane fans believe they can hear the mechanical heartbeat of Warwick, a part-werewolf/part-machine champion of League of Legends who has no recollection of his previous life.

If Warwick is included in the second season, there is no word yet on who will be voicing him.

Arcane Season 2 Release Date

Season two of Arcane has yet to be officially announced. In any case, based on the show’s first season’s release date, the second season should arrive in 2023 or 2024.

Arcane Season 2 Trailer

Since the second season has only just begun production, it will be some time before fresh footage is released. Season two’s premiere date will be announced in the second half of 2022, so look for a teaser trailer then.

At least we have the first season’s trailer to look forward to.

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