Are Angelina And Vinny Dating? Angelina Has Finally Spoken Clean About Her Feelings For Vinny

Fans of Jersey Shore have been wondering if Angelina And Vinny Dating since their steamy lap dance during Family Vacation. She eventually speaks clean about her love for Vinny, but he still insists they’re just friends.

The relationship between the MTV stars has been going strong for quite some time. They had a one-night stand in 2010, but they never went further than casual dating. Angelina Pivarnick lap danced with Vinny Guadagnino not too long ago.

In a preview for the show airing on February 23, Vinny said, “You never know what can happen one day.” Since Mike The Situation indicated that a fling between Vinny and Angelina is “very plausible,” this news comes as no surprise.

Are Angelina And Vinny Dating?

It’s false that Angelina and Vinny are an item. After filming for the current season of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation finished in January 2023, Vinny revealed in an interview that “there’s no love relationship” between him and Angelina.

Vinny told ET in an exclusive interview:

That’s what everyone’s after… That’s not the case at all. She’s pretty and all, but she’s not really my type. That’s not a romantic pairing at all.

He has stated publicly that he would “rather jump off” an 18th floor hotel balcony than resume a romantic relationship with her, as they did in season 2 of the original MTV show. She has said the same thing, yet her supporters refuse to give up hope.

That’s why I work so hard at it every day: to clear the air. Despite Vinny’s best efforts, “no one gets it” when he shouts his message from the rooftops. Also, he suggests that they may have hooked up during the sixth season of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation.

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Angelina Has Finally Spoken Clean About Her Feelings For Vinny

Are Angelina And Vinny Dating

Angelina has told her co-star Jenni about her love for Vinny and has asked for help on how to convince him to take her seriously in their professional relationship. Vinny did bring up the prospect of a romantic relationship during the sixth season of Family Vacation.

Mike Sorrentino confided in Vinny that he thinks Angelina is “falling” for his friend, prompting Vinny to ask, “So you’re saying there’s a chance?” In spite of his repeated assertions that “there’s nothing romantic with her,” Vinny couldn’t deny his interest.

Angelina had given him a lap dance and confessed her emotions for him throughout the season, but in the promo she introduces a new character named Vinny Tortorella, who appears to propose to her on one knee.

Angelina And Vinny’s Jersey Shore timeline

During the second season of Jersey Shore, Angelina and Vinny had a fling in 2010. She eventually tied the knot with Chris Larangeira in 2019, as seen on the show. As of the year 2022, they are no longer together and have filed for divorce.

The tweet below from Jersey Shore’s official account shows Angelina and Vinny in Vegas:

They’ve never gone on a real date. They frequently use the phrase “obsessed with me” to describe the other person. It had long been a running joke that Brad and Angelina would eventually get married.

After numerous seasons of Double Shot at Love, Vinny is still looking for love and has gone on his fair number of dates, but to no avail. Pauly D, one of his show pals, is still seeing Nikki Hall.

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