Bachelor In Paradise: Are Brendan And Pieper Still Together?

Brendan and Pieper from season 7 of Bachelor in Paradise have been the subject of much discussion in Bachelor Nation due to suspicions surrounding their alleged connection prior to the premiere of the show. Let’s find out Are Brendan And Pieper Still Together?

Before “Bachelor in Paradise,” did they go on any dates? Is the relationship still going strong? To avoid any confusion, we go over all the details in advance.

Who is Brendan from Bachelor in Paradise?

The Bachelorette season 16 featured Milford, Massachusetts, commercial roofer Brendan Morais. He resigned in the final four after telling Tayshia he wasn’t ready to be engaged again after divorcing his wife a year earlier.

Brendan told The Bachelorette that he married Simone Santos, his high school sweetheart, in his early 20s but divorced because they “fell out of love.”

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I married in my early 20s. High school sweethearts. “Our families were close since elementary school,” Brendan remarked. “No cheating, abuse, or addiction. We both didn’t know who we were without each other. Knowing I failed was hard.”

Brendan called himself a “sensitive soul” and “genuine romantic” on Bachelorette. “Brendan is sensitive and willing to love a special woman. “After losing his dad at an early age, he believed his role in life was to be a father,” his bio states.

“After transferring to Los Angeles, Brendan chose to return back home to Massachusetts to work for the family roofing business and be closer to his family—especially his nieces and nephews, whom he can’t get enough of.”

According to his bio, Brendan enjoys real crime, working out, and spending time with friends. Brendan values first impressions. He’s a romantic who likes making women feel wanted.

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Who is Pieper from Bachelor in Paradise?

The Bachelor season 25 featured Happy Valley, Oregon graduate student Pieper James. Matt eliminated her in 5th place before Hometown Dates because he felt more connected to the other women.

Pieper feuded with Heather Martin, a Bachelor season 23 contestant with Colton Underwood, who wanted to join Matt’s season two weeks before Hometown Dates. Matt apologized to Pieper and the other women for the commotion after Heather did not join his season.

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Pieper is an account coordinator for EP+Co in NYC, according to her LinkedIn. Kellstadt Marketing Group’s Chicago president is she. Mercedes-Benz USA in Beaverton, Oregon, was her previous employer.

She earned a marketing master’s from DePaul University in 2021. She obtained a BA in political science and government from the University of Oregon in 2019.

Pieper called herself “energetic” in her Bachelor bio and said she wants someone to match her energy. Pieper is more than a gorgeous face. She’s complete! “Pieper has a great personality, a creative intellect, a master’s degree in marketing, and a wonderful family who has supported all her aspirations,” her bio states.

Pieper’s only need? A life partner! Pieper is kind and wants to know what makes her spouse happy so she can help. She enjoys spending time with her partner but also appreciates freedom and having her own life.

“Pieper wants someone with confidence and who understands what they want in life because foresight is very essential to her,” her bio states.

Are Brendan And Pieper Still Together?

Brendan Morais and Pieper James met and fell in love in Paradise. Each of them had their own season of The Bachelor and The Bachelor before meeting each other through pals in Bachelor Nation. However, they maintained a lighthearted friendship prior to being cast on season 7 of Bachelor in Paradise together.

James joined the cast in week 3, although Morais was present from the start. When the other person finally made it to the shore, they continued their intimate conversation right where they left off. They also admitted that they had a bit of a romance previous to coming on the show.

They left Paradise to work on their love in private because their coworkers and fans didn’t approve of them being together. Morais and James both commented on the backlash on social media as the episode aired.

The couple’s commitment to each other while being off-camera has not waned. Their first wedding anniversary was in June of 2022.

Here is a comprehensive chronology of when Brendan Morais and Pieper James started dating and when they broke up.

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