Are Corinna And David Dating? Corinna Kopf Dating History

Corinna Kopf rose quickly to fame on social media after beginning her career as a relatively obscure YouTuber. I’m curious as to her background. Keep reading to find out, Are Corinna And David Dating?

Corinna Kopf, better known as “pouty girl” throughout her many online channels, is a powerhouse in the world of digital media production. A large number of people follow the Instagram model and streamer because of her interesting and entertaining tweets. After going viral on Facebook, Corinna has found initial success on Twitch.

Are Corinna And David Dating?

Corinna Kopf and David Dobrik are close friends but not romantically involved. Kopf joined David and his vlogging crew in 2016, when they were already creating a ton of content in and around Corinna. She took part in the dares and tasks that caused David grief.

Here is the recent post from CorrinaKopf:

Several members of the squad ended their relationships as a result of the allegations, but Corinna is still working with David Dobrik because he helped launch her career.

She stopped regularly posting vlogs in 2022 and instead began focusing on video game content. Streamer’s engaging videos have gone viral on social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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Corinna Kopf Dating History

Are Corinna And David Dating

Corinna Kopf was an original member of YouTuber David Dobrik’s Vlog Squad, with whom he first began releasing content. Corinna let it slip that she dated another Vlog Squad member, Toddy Smith, rather than David Dobrik, the group’s head. Dobrik featured the pair in multiple episodes of his vlogs.

After Corinna’s online stardom skyrocketed, she has dated numerous prominent figures in the digital realm.

Corinna was speculated to be dating fellow YouTuber Brennen Taylor in 2017. They never came out and said they were dating or not. In 2017, Corinna dated Toddy Smith, and the couple split up the following year. As of 2018, the couple’s breakup was widely known.

Later in 2019, Corinna was connected to YouTube star Logan Paul. They were observed at the Lakers game together. Corinna has spoken publicly about her relationship with Logan Paul on the Impaulsive podcast.

It definitely gets under my skin that LA considers me a s*x deity. This year, I’ve only had s*x with Logan and one other guy.

Corinna was said to be dating gaming YouTuber Turner Tenney, alias Tfue, in March 2019.

Similarly, popular NBA 2K and GTA streamer Adin Ross has been linked to Corinna on Twitch.

Corinna Kopf, who has 5.9 million followers on Instagram, has come out to say that she made over $1 million in less than two days on the platform Just Fans.

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