Are Dream And George Dating: Is There Something Between Dream And George?

Do you want to know Are Dream And George Dating? Streamers of Minecraft content are becoming increasingly popular in their own right. For example, there’s George, who goes by GeorgeNotFound, and Dream, whose username is DreamWasTaken.

When comparing the two, Dream clearly has more notoriety due to the fact that he has more than 7 million subscribers across all of his YouTube channels. More than 6.54 million people are subscribed to his primary YouTube channel, and over 550 thousand people follow him on Twitch.

Alternatively, we have George. All of the Minecraft players watch his videos, and his YouTube channel consistently has 1.81 million subscribers. His popularity as a content creator and player will grow over time despite the fact that he just got his start in both fields.

As the audience, we have witnessed Dream and George grow closer to one another as they work together to beat the game. On occasion, the two will treat each other like comrades and work together to take down foes in Minecraft. On other occasions, the two engage in friendly Minecraft battles against one another, and everyone loves to watch them work together.

If you’re the type of person who needs to know the latest on George and Dream’s status as a couple, you’ve come to the perfect spot.

In this article, we will conclude our coverage of Dream and George’s history together on YouTube and as friends. Further, we’ll explain how these two artists’ personalities played a role in shaping their respective works.

Are Dream And George Dating?

There is currently a cult following for the romantic pairing of Dream and George. People on Twitter and, of course, YouTube is vocal about their ship. The two boys had been chatting on Minecraft and had exchanged some amorous comments.

Numerous media outlets have reported that Dream and George are more than simply YouTube stars and co-op gamers in their own right, but this is only what their legions of fans believe. People have launched a rumor that the two might possibly be in a secret romance.

YouTube video

And nobody is aware of it just yet, even though hints have been dropped. It’s no longer only speculation that fuels the relationship rumor after all this time. The internet community can rest easy because they have access to credible evidence.

You only need to watch a video of Dream and George together to see them flirting. The dream had been feeling particularly passionate with George at the time, as evidenced by the fact that she had given him flowers in the game in the video titled Beating Minecraft with One Inventory Slot… He used the remaining seconds pleading with George to finally confess his feelings.

Well, George has been giving her the same sass in return. Dream once gambled $1,000 against George and lost. Besides the money, he also won Dream’s mom’s phone number.

Dream And George’s Connection

Subsequent events revealed that George had informed Dream’s mom via text message that this man was her son’s boyfriend. You all should know that George and Dream’s relationship is more than a platonic friendship. Truly, they love one another very much.

In November of this year (2019), it was seen that Dream had given George about $5,000 to spend on Amazon. This sum was five times larger than the gifts he had previously given to other platform friends like Sapnap and BadBoyHalo.

Are Dream And George DatingSource: Paperwriter

There is clearly something off about their connection, as the two have made obvious on Twitter. George announced through a tweet on April 1, 2020, that he and Dream are planning to get married shortly.

Fans understood it was all in jest, though, because he hasn’t actually proposed to Dream. George jokingly announced on Twitter sometime later that he and Kate had called off their wedding. We’ll publish one of George’s most blatant tweets if you’re still not convinced. A loving tweet from Dream was met with an immediate response from him.

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