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Are Gil And Myrla Still Together: Why MAFS Myrla Claims That Gil Lied To Her About His Money Situation?

Are Gil And Myrla Still Together

Are Gil And Myrla Still Together

Gil Cuero and Myrla Feria, participants in the controversial marriage experiment known as “Married at First Sight,” did not have an easy time of it. On Decision Day of Season 13, Gil and Myrla made a commitment to each other despite their many disagreements. So, Are Gil And Myrla Still Together?

But are they still together? You may learn all the details about Gil and Myrla’s relationship by scrolling down.

Are Gil And Myrla Still Together?

To begin with, the couple has decided to stay together on Decision Day. Their romance, however, didn’t endure more than a week after the cameras stopped rolling.

“I was blindsided by how things went down,” Gil told the experts during the Married at First Sight reunion in November 2021. Clearly, she felt a certain way, but she never told me about it. That it was over till it was over was news to me.

Leadership coach Myrla told the panel, “For me, there were things that transpired after Decision Day where I didn’t feel that I could feel secure with him to make financial decisions for us in the future.” Myrla maintained that money was the only issue that caused the separation.

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Gil And Myrla Had Very Different Worldviews

Gil and Myrla’s wedding day revealed that they held divergent views on important lifestyle issues. The experts set them up because they shared a commitment to family, but their perspectives on money couldn’t have been more opposite.

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While Myrla valued hard labor and material possessions, Gil was uninterested in wealth and was content with a more modest lifestyle. Even though Myrla was worried that she wouldn’t be attracted to Gil right away, she described how her feelings for her new husband “developed” over time.

The couple’s decision to stay together on Decision Day stunned MAFS viewers, who had predicted the relationship’s failure along with most of Lifetime’s audience.

Myrla Claims That Gil Lied To Her About His Money Situation

Myrla and Gil’s major argument outside of their sexual relationship was about money. Myrla and Gil both had successful careers. Gil works as a firefighter, and Myrla advises leaders. Nevertheless, Myrla enjoys lavishing herself with the “finer things” in life, such as expensive designer clothes and exotic vacations. And Gil didn’t.

Myrla elaborated, “I was not prepared to compromise on God-fearing or financial stability, meaning someone who knew how to handle their finances and was in a financially similar position as me (healthy savings, investments, retirement, spending within their means).” I preferred a partner that had a similar income bracket.

She claims that following Decision Day, she learned that Gil had not been entirely forthcoming about his finances. During the get-together, Gil revealed that he and Myrla have different incomes, but that Gil receives $100 more per paycheck.

She said, “After decision day, I realized there were several things I was not okay with.” Gil and I talked a lot about how I was feeling and how this situation affected me. A lack of self-awareness and awareness prevented him from understanding that his behavior was not supportive of a healthy marriage based on mutual trust and respect. In addition, I uncovered some dishonesty. This is why I decided to end the marriage:

The Former ‘MAFS’ Contestant Has Spoken Out Against Gil’s Taunting Of Her

For Myrla, the constant mocking she endured at the hands of Gil was a further source of distress. Despite her apparent tolerance of their joking on the show, she says she felt uncomfortable with some of the comments made. Often, Gil would make jokes about how high-maintenance and spoiled she was.

Divorce and vow renewal plans for Clara and Ryan from “Married at First Sight.”

I wanted this to be unproblematic, but eventually, it became annoying. She admitted, “In retrospect, I could have done a better job of telling him not to call me those names.” The majority of the time, it doesn’t bother me. That he was also saying them to others while I wasn’t there troubled me, though. He never told me this and, as you can see, I never referred to him by his name.

She elaborated, “I can characterize actions I do not like, but resorting to name-calling is not something I expected going into this process.” For me, it was uncharted territory, and his method of expression was childish.

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