Are Isha And Michael Still Together: Where Are Isha And Michael From “Twentysomethings: Austin” Now?

Many viewers were caught off guard when Netflix released Twentysomethings: Austin. In this reality show, eight people in their twenties were brought together in the hopes that they would fall in love, start a new chapter in their lives, or at least, get the hookup of their lives. let’s find out, Are Isha And Michael Still Together?

This drama-free comedy followed the exploits of a group of young adults as they adjusted to adult life and made friends in a new environment.

Isha Punja, a 24-year-old fashion designer, and Michael Fractor, a 23-year-old comedian, became fast friends because they both lived in the same building with their respective rooms.

Since the season’s ending was vague, viewers have been wondering if the couple broke up or stayed together, and they are now curious as to how things are going between them.

Who Is Asha Punja?

After graduating with a degree in economics from Berkeley College, Isha Punja went into business for herself in the fashion industry with the aid of her parents. She says, “I consider myself to be educated, but sometimes I say things that can seem appear a little ditzy.”

To better serve her employer, she uprooted to the Lone Star State of Texas. She recruits Indian psychics and employs them at her company, Hut Mentality. Each of her works is made by hand by artisans in remote parts of India. New York Fashion Week showcased her designs, and British Vogue ran articles on them.

Who Is Michael Fractor?

The future holds a promising career in stand-up comedy for Michael Fractor. In 2021, he began seriously considering this line of work for himself.

To that end, he uprooted to Austin. He’s got a really stoic sense of humor, and he’s a big fan of dad jokes. He then responded, “Just try to imagine what it’s like to be both Jewish and weird.

Are Isha And Michael Still TogetherSource: Thecinemaholic

My loved ones and I are pictured there. My mother taught me to feel shame whenever I had to sneeze. Then he added, “We just got a puppy before I arrived here. And every time we have a phone conversation, she reminds me that I had an obligation to look after the puppy and I abandoned him. let’s find out, Are Isha And Michael Still Together?

‘Twentysomethings: Austin’ Are Isha And Michael Still Together?

While many of the Twentysomethings: Austin cast members ultimately decided to settle down in the hip Texas capital, they were all forced to vacate their Airbnbs at the end of the first season.

The relocation prompted career decisions for all the stars, including Michael’s decision to head back to California. However, Isha believed her clothing business, Hut Mentality, was taking off and she wanted to remain in Austin to see it through.

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Michael reconsidered the relocation after saying goodbye to Isha and packing his things for the drive back to California. Michael returned to the Airbnb in the season finale and told Isha that he would remain in Austin for as long as she wished.

Michael commented, “I’m discovering that a job’s a job,” on the program. The lone Isha in a world full of them.

No formal statement has been made regarding the couple’s current relationship status since their time on the show ended with them as a couple.

Michael and Isha are still Instagram followers, and their interactions there have been cordial. Although there are various indicators that their relationship is still going strong, neither partner has come out and said so.

On December 20th, Michael posted a photo with Isha to his Instagram stories, confirming that he had really given his sister the Hut Mentality jacket he had bought in Austin. He adorably titled the photo, “My Queen.”

On Isha’s primary Instagram account, you may find a few photos of the two of them together.

In the caption, she posed the question, “Which Misha moment is your favorite?”

Where Are Isha And Michael From “Twentysomethings: Austin” Now?

Twentysomethings: Austin Season 1 finished filming in late November 2021, and the premiere occurred on the streaming service not long after. Isha has been actively promoting her clothesline on social media in the weeks following the end of production. On the other hand, Michael has been discussing episodes online.

Michael’s decision to remain in Austin leaves it unknown whether he has secured gainful employment or whether he will attempt stand-up comedy once again now that the show has premiered.

Fans in Austin will be watching Michael and Isha’s social media accounts closely for the foreseeable future because the two have been extremely secretive about their relationship and their plans for the city.

The first season of Twentysomethings: Austin can be seen right now on Netflix.

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