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The Ultimatum: Are Jake And April Still Together In 2023?

Are Jake And April Still Together

Are Jake And April Still Together

In Netflix’s newest dating series, The Ultimatum, couples face a major decision: should they get married? Can they stay together or do they need to separate? And what if, while they figure it out, everyone switched partners for a few weeks? we will read about Are Jake And April Still Together in this article.

To be honest, it is as chaotic as it sounds. No pair is spared the trials and tribulations of the season, but April Marie and Jake Cunningham may have had it the worst.

Naturally, we’re curious as to whether or not April and Jake have broken up. Or is this a final separation after a long separation? Have us look into it. So, Who Are April Marie And Jake Cunningham?

Who Are April Marie And Jake Cunningham?

At the time we meet them, April has already given Jake the final warning. Jake served in the Army and the Marines, and he claims he wants to improve his financial situation before he gets married. He is also resentful of having joined The Ultimatum in the first place.


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Meanwhile, April longs to become a mother and thinks this will be a good opportunity for them to grow.

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Are Jake And April Still Together?

You can tell because this is copied straight from YouTube. On their site, you might discover the same material presented in a different format, or you might find even more details.

Nope. Finally, April maintained her ultimatum to Jake, insisting that he clarify their relationship status. Since Jake wasn’t ready for marriage, they called it quits. But he qualified that by saying, “I and Rae are not running off together.” Not going to happen. What circumstances led to Jake and April Break-up? keep reading to find out.

What Went Down On The Ultimatum?

Jake and Rae Williams click immediately during the “dating” phase of The Ultimatum when the couples spend a week getting to know each other and the other cast members.

Though she makes some contacts of her own, April and Colby Kissinger end up being coupled since they are the only two people left without a trial-marriage partner. While April and Colby do become close to one another and even kiss at one point (spoiler alert! ), the show’s most compelling conflict revolved around Jake and Rae.

As the season finale approaches, it is still uncertain what will happen. April has not quieted her desire to marry Jake, but he seems torn between proposing to April, leaving with Rae, and forgetting both April and Rae. So, What is April doing now?

April Has Moved On In Her Life Since The Series’ Conclusion And The Reunion

At the reunion, April did say that she is now in a committed relationship and sharing a home with her new love. “This is the man who greets me every morning and tells me, ‘I love you, I can’t wait to marry you,'” she gushed.

The fact that Jake and Rae didn’t go on vacation together was revealed at the reunion. There was a general agreement that people needed more time to recover, Rae said. “I felt like it was extremely rude to be like, ‘OK, bye,'” she added. The hell with all of you. We’re just going to hop on a plane and leave.

Given that April is now in a relationship, Jake has been attempting to concentrate on himself and his own happiness.

As for the end result, there it is!

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