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Love Island: Are Jake And Liberty Still Together In 2023?

Are Jake And Liberty Still Together

Are Jake And Liberty Still Together

Viewers of Love Island UK season 7 are curious, Are Jake And Liberty Still Together after they both exited in the final five.

But before we spill the beans on Jake and Liberty’s romance, here’s how Love Island works for those who aren’t familiar: Starting with around ten eligible bachelors and bachelorettes, the British version of “Love Island” (which debuted in 2005) places them in a villa on a tropical island with the goal of finding lasting love.

As soon as the participants meet each other, they are paired off. Couples must share a bed and work on challenges together in order to advance in the competition. More and more people are welcomed to the villa as the season progresses, forcing the present islanders to decide whether to stick with their current partners or find new ones.

Every week, the candidates are repaired, and the singles are eliminated. The final round involves public voting to choose which pair from the finalists will take home the prize money.

There’s a cash prize of 50,000 GBP up for grabs on Love Island UK. However, neither partner will share equally in the financial rewards. Instead, we’ll be drawing names until we find a winner.

The recipient then has the option of either splitting the funds with their partner or keeping them all to themselves.

The first version of Love Island UK debuted in 2005, but in June 2015, it underwent a relaunch that transformed it into the show that is currently beloved by viewers. Season 7 was shot in a villa in Sant Llorenç des Cardassar, Mallorca. It premiered in June 2021.

How Did Jake And Liberty Get Along On Love Island UK?

In June, Love Island UK season 7 debuted in the United Kingdom, and among the 10 initial candidates were a 24-year-old water engineer named Jake Cornish from Weston-Super-Mare and a 21-year-old waitress and marketing student named Liberty Poole from Birmingham. They got acquainted during the first pairing and stayed together until day 54 when they both decided to leave the show together.

But the question still remains: why did Jake and Liberty end their relationship? During the first few days of the competition, Jake made comments to other candidates about how Liberty’s personality was “mint,” but he didn’t feel the want to “tear her clothes off” or have sex with her.

Source: Grazia Daily

After Jake asked Liberty to be his girlfriend, the clip was shown to her and the other competitors on “Mad Movies” night in week 6. After their movie night, tensions between Jake and Liberty flared up again when Liberty confronted Jake about his insinuation that their relationship was unbalanced.

During the conversation, Jake professed his love for Liberty, but when she told the other candidates, they cautioned her that Jake was only telling her what she wanted to hear.

Their relationship began to fall apart in week eight when Liberty showed Jake a photo of them together with his eyes closed, and Jake quipped that he got the ick because she was messy and that their relationship was “all about” her.

After recognizing that Jake isn’t the one for her, Liberty eventually ends their relationship. Jake and Liberty decide to leave Love Island UK after the seventh season after their last date.

The two of us have just mutually decided that it’s best for us to go our separate ways at this time,” Liberty explained as they prepared to leave the villa. We used to be like you guys, but we’re not anymore, so we really don’t want to be here taking up space.

However, I am curious as to what occurred once they departed the villa. Is Jake still seeing Liberty, or has their relationship really ended?

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Are Jake And Liberty Still Together?

Where do Love Island UK’s Jake and Liberty’s relationship stand now? No, but there’s always hope for a reconciliation in the future. Liberty stated on Morning on August 23, 2021, that she “still loves” Jake but that she ultimately made the “correct decision” by ending their relationship.

She finally admitted, “Of course, I still adore him.” Being in his presence is tough. I believe I made the correct choice, as it is essential to prioritize your own emotions. In addition, Jake said, “It had to stop. My mind was racing at an alarming rate. I can’t even describe how intense it was. Here we were, at a dead end.

While Jake acknowledged that they were better off apart, he did imply that he and Liberty would give dating another shot once they left the villa. In my opinion, things will appear simpler from the outside. Currently, I have no idea… He answered, “I’d like to think so.

Additionally, Liberty stated that she and Jake are still friendly after their breakup. I’m in good spirits. “I know in my heart that I made the right choice,” Liberty declared. In other words, “there’s no bad blood. We click perfectly together.

Given that no one can predict what the future holds, it is foolish to ever completely rule out a possibility. However, at this time, our choice is the best option. Even now, my feelings for him haven’t completely faded. However, I was still unhappy.

Further, Jake admitted that his feelings for Liberty haven’t completely faded. He affirmed, “My feelings for Liberty haven’t changed.” Since we have been separated for so long, my feelings for her have been raw.

“A lot of various things were mentioned,” Liberty continued. The vibe was odd, in my opinion. As though on eggshells, I carefully made my way through the situation. There was just a weird vibe between us, so I decided to call it off. We had a change of heart once the first excitement wore off.

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