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The Ultimatum: Are Jake And Rae Still Together In 2023?

Are Jake And Rae Still Together

Are Jake And Rae Still Together

Are Jake And Rae Still Together is the subject of The Ultimatum, a 2022 Netflix reality show.  The makers of Love Is Blind have released a new social experiment show for their paying customers called The Ultimatum, in which engaged couples are presented with a test to determine whether or not they have chosen the perfect partner to spend the rest of their lives with.

The first season of The Ultimatum featured guest appearances from both Jake Cunningham and Rae Williams.

Both Rae and April gave their respective exes, Zay and Jake, ultimatums. Rae and Jake were married for three weeks, yet they had the best chemistry of any couple on the show. But I’m wondering if they’re still together. Find out more…

Are Jake And Rae Still Together?

Although Jake didn’t actually drop down on one knee and propose to Rae in the series finale, he did guarantee that they would have a future together by going on vacation.

“You deserve nothing but the best, and you’re going to get it. You have earned each and every one of life’s blessings. To be honest, I wish I had that to give to you right now. I’d like to make a suggestion, Episode eight is when Jake tells Rae the truth.

I have two of these tickets available. in any part of the globe, you may be. You and I together are just existing.

Nick Lachey, who co-hosted the show with them, wanted to know where they went on their last vacation. Rae claims that the entire trip was an elaborate fabrication.

Rae elucidated, “We didn’t go on a trip.” We could have used some extra time to recharge our batteries, and that was something that everyone involved acknowledged. And I thought your casual “OK, bye” was rather inconsiderate. We reasoned, “Well if we just hop on a plane, we can get out of here quickly,” and therefore decided against going.

Rae and Jake also disclosed that they are not seeing each other at the present time. After Rae filled everyone in on their vacation and their relationship, she spilled another bombshell: she had attempted to rekindle her romance with Zay after filming wrapped.

We attempted to make peace with Zay, but it didn’t work out. However, we did try,” Rae argued. In an effort to help him become a better communicator, I tried to be more open and honest with him.

Rae finally found happiness with her life partner after failing to do so with both Zay and Jake.

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Rae Williams Did Not Let The Events Of “The Ultimatum” Deter Her From Pursuing A Romantic Connection

After seeing one other for so long, the actors finally got the chance to talk about who stayed in touch and who didn’t. Because she was still hurting from her separation from Zay, Rae said she waited to take Jake Cunningham seriously. Rae and Zay had tried to heal their relationship again by reconciling, but it had failed.

“Ever since Zay and I broke up, I’ve been seeing only one person,” she said to the hosts. Simply put, she is amazing, and I felt a deep connection with her right away. Nonetheless, everyone kept things on a light note. I’ve spent a lot of time attempting to hide the fact that I’m bisexual, even from myself.

Vanessa Lachey, as well as the rest of the cast, supported her decision to come out. She has revealed the latest in her love life.

What Is Show “The Ultimatum” About?

Netflix has a plethora of dating reality shows, but “The Ultimatum” takes things in a new direction. Nick and Vanessa Lachey play the hosts, and the show is filmed in Austin, Texas, with six long-term married couples as its subjects.

One person in each couple is enthusiastic about getting married, while the other is on the fence. Before deciding whether or not to commit to one another, each couple on the show gets to date all the others. They can even tie the knot with the other participants for a short three-week period.

Source: BuzzFeed

After resolving their differences with their new partners, the couples return to their previous ones. Up until the finale, contestants are unsure if they will continue dating their present partners or go on to someone new.

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