90 Days Fiance: Are Jenny And Sumit Still Together?

Jenny Slatten, a celebrity, and Sumit Singh, a musician, are still a couple. We will read about Are Jenny And Sumit Still Together in this article.

When Jenny found out that Sumit was secretly married to another lady in an arranged marriage set up by his parents, but he genuinely wanted to be with Jenny, it was one of the most surprising turns in the history of the franchise and the source of much drama in the first season of The Other Way.

Season 2 found the international sparks still committed to battling for their love and their right to be together despite the many challenges they had faced. The third season marked a plateau in their relationship as Sumit began to have second thoughts about proposing to Jenny.

Although the couple had secretly tied the knot, the difficulties of marriage were only beginning. Following graduation, the couple moved on to the spinoff series Happily Ever After? where they have continued to chronicle the ups and downs of their passionate love.

If you want to know where Jenny and Sumit stand in terms of their relationship, you’ll want to keep reading. First, we will read about how Jenny and Sumit made an acquaintance with each other.

How Did Jenny and Sumit Meet?

Jenny and Sumit met on the internet in 2011; however, their relationship got off to a rocky start when she discovered that Sumit had sent her images of another man using the alias “Michael Jones.”

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Jenny had already fallen in love with him and was willing to overlook his catfishing when he finally told her the truth after four months of conversing online.

Jennifer spent four months with Sumit and his family in India in 2013. At that time, the couple was engaged. On the other hand, Sumit’s relatives were not happy about their choice of partners. Now we will move on to know that Are Jenny And Sumit Still Together after the show 90 days Fiance?

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Are Jenny And Sumit Still Together?

The pair is, thankfully, still together. Jenny and Sumit are still together and seem to be living happily in India, at least according to their Instagram accounts. They went on a romantic journey to the Taj Mahal together and are still regularly featured in each other’s Instagram feeds and highlight reels.

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Christina, Jenny’s daughter, and her partner traveled to India in May. Each pair traveled to its own set of destinations, including Goa, and posted numerous images of their vacations online. People may have doubted the authenticity of Jenny and Sumit’s relationship at the beginning of their 90 Day Fiancé journey, but in the end, they saw how much the two cared for each other.

It’s possible that any arguments and confrontations shown on camera were staged or perhaps reflected natural low points in their relationship. Now that we know Jenny and Sumit are still together but what is the reason behind Jenny and Sumit were not able to have kids?

Having Children Would Make Sumit’s Parents Very Pleased

The inability to have biological children is a major reason why Sumit’s family is against him marrying Jenny. When Jenny finally does die away and Sumit is left on his own, they worry that he would be too old to have children.

On the other hand, in the episode airing on October 23, Sumit reveals to his aunt, brother, and sister-in-law that he does, in fact, desire children.

Sumit hasn’t told Jenny about this yet, which is disappointing. Given that Jenny already has grown children and is a grandmother, it’s hard to imagine that she would be overjoyed at the prospect of adding to her brood.

Sumit informs the producers that he has the option of using a surrogate or adopting a child. However, Jenny is well past the childbearing years, and Sumit claims he is willing to go through with it for the sake of his parents even if he doesn’t really want children.

There is, as is customary with these two, a great deal occurring. But despite the fact that Jenny and Sumit still seem to be a couple, they never seem to have an easy time of it.

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