Are John B And Sarah From Outer Banks Season 3 Dating In Real Life

John B and Sarah Cameron, representing the rivalling Pogues and Kooks, have been the show’s de facto Romeo and Juliet ever since the show debuted on Netflix. 

Their love has been put to the test countless times during the series, but Outer Banks season 3 presents the greatest obstacle yet. Will John B and Sarah break up or stay together?

Are John B And Sarah From Outer Banks Season 3 Dating In Real Life?

Chase Stokes and Madelyn Cline, who play John B and Sarah, were once in a relationship.

People said that the performers were a real-life relationship when Outer Banks premiered in April 2020.

In June 2020, they confirmed their relationship, which lasted until November 2021.

Chase Stokes has reassured fans through EW that their work was always their top focus.

“Mads and I have been working together now for 30 episodes, and we made a promise to each other before we ever started dating that the job would always come first,” he told Entertainment Weekly. “And that no matter what happens in our personal lives and how life sometimes leads you in other areas, we’ll always honour the work. It was 100% true this season.”

John B And Sarah’s Relationship In Outer Banks

When Outer Banks first started, John B and Sarah Cameron couldn’t have been more different. John B was a member of the working-class Pogues, while Sarah was a member of the rich Kooks with her boyfriend, Topper.

The tweet below shows the image of Chase Stokes from OBX Season 3:

In episode 4, when John B ran from two social workers who were trying to place him in foster care, they first properly crossed paths. John B took a nasty fall while trying to flee, and he landed directly in front of Sarah, so she hurried over to help and took him back to her house to treat his wounds.

Sarah accompanied John B and the Pogues on their treasure hunts and grew closer to him with each episode. During the seventh season, they were ready to take their relationship to the next level and went to John B’s secret church tower hideaway.

During a thrilling but ultimately unsuccessful gold-hunting expedition in the Bahamas, John B. and Sarah were so close to becoming legally married that they essentially did so on the boat voyage back to the United States as the first season came to a close.

In Season 3 Of “Outer Banks,” John B And Sarah Break Up Or Stay Together?

John B And Sarah

John B. and Sarah do end up together by the Outer Banks  season 3 finale, but they have a rocky path to get there.

In season 3, John B finally meets his father, Big John, after years of thinking he is dead. This is, of course, a huge adjustment for the young John B as he learns more about the man who is now his father.

John B’s attention is diverted away from Sarah and onto Big John, which causes friction between them and ultimately leads to an altercation in Season 1, Episode 6, that leaves Sarah feeling depressed.

At this moment, her Kook ex-boyfriend Topper shows up and convinces her to spend the day with him and the other Kook youngsters. Sarah has a wonderful day because she isn’t being hunted or shot at, and she and Topper even manage to sneak in a kiss at the day’s end.

In the seventh episode, Sarah tells John B. the truth about what happened, which infuriates him and causes him to attack Topper at a party hosted by Kiara’s parents.

Sarah and John B reconcile in a private moment the following week, and Sarah quotes her vows from their Season 2 “wedding” to remind John B that she still loves him.

Nevertheless, Topper destroys the Pogue’s hangout, the Chateau, forcing the reunited group to make a hasty exit.

By the end of season 3, John B. and Sarah have reconciled for real after facing and overcoming significant challenges to their love.

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