Married At First Sight: Are Katie And Derek Still Together In 2023?

Those hoping to start what they hope would be a long, joyful, and fulfilled journey in marriage have been drawn to the show Married at First Sight. In the tenth season of this show, Katie and Derek finally got together. So, Are Katie And Derek Still Together, Keep scrolling to find out.

Their marriage had all the makings of a success, but it ended dramatically instead. In Married at First Sight, what became of Katie and Derek?

Fans of the TLC series Married at First Sight are already well acquainted with the names Katie and Derek. They were one of the couples who made the decision to remain together on Decision Day, and many people had high hopes that they would be able to make things work.

However, conflicts quickly arose between them, leading to their eventual split.

Who Are Katie And Derek?

As of the year 2022, Katie Conrad will be 28 years old. She was born in 1994 in Woodbridge, Virginia. After meeting her now ex-husband Derek Sherman on the MTV reality show “Married…with Children,” she became a household name.

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Derek, a native Marylander, works as a cyber engineer for a living. His appearance on season 10 of Married at First Sight and his status as Katie’s ex-husband have also brought him notoriety.

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Are Katie And Derek Still Together?

Once the cameras stopped rolling on Married at First Sight Season 10, Katie and Derek went their separate ways.

Before agreeing to join the hit Lifetime reality show, Katie had some doubts about doing so. She had many unsolved difficulties from her past, and her ex-boyfriend pushed her to stay behind so they could sort things out.

The star of Married, at First Sight, considered passing up the opportunity, but ultimately chose to go forward with her appearance.

It’s safe to say that Derek was disheartened when he learned this. Despite this, they went ahead and tied the knot. They took their honeymoon to try to fix things between them.

Katie was disappointed that her impression of Derek shifted as she got to know him better. The pair had trouble reconnecting and finding common ground. Disputes became very heated after that.

The professionals advised Katie and Derek to discover a shared interest, but Katie ultimately refused to support Derek’s plans. Katie was annoyed by Derek’s tendency to focus more on his coworkers than on her. On the other hand, Derek figured that Katie had not yet moved on from her breakup.

As a result, the couple constantly argued with one another. Everyone was taken aback by the couple’s determination to remain together even after the day of judgment. Unfortunately, the pair reached a breaking point and chose to go their own ways.

What Happened To Katie Conrad After MAFS Season 10?

Both left unhappy marriages and embarked on fresh new paths. The former MTV reality star is reported to have found her current beau on the dating app Hinge. Katie began seeing Air Force captain Brandon Eaves before the finalization of her divorce.

After a few months together, Brandon popped the question. Fans of Married at First Sight will be pleased to hear that Katie has found love again, despite the fact that she has made her Instagram account private and which makes it difficult for them to keep up with her.

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For Katie, the experience of being Married at First Sight did not go as planned, and many spectators booed rather than cheered.

It had to have been challenging for you. They just couldn’t find a way to communicate with one another on an emotional level, and she ended up breaking up with Derek. It’s possible Katie wasn’t ready for such an experiment since she still had feelings for her ex, who she dated briefly during her time apart from Derek.

Despite being labeled “immature,” the MAFS star continued to try to find love after her experience on the show ended in failure. It’s inspiring that she dusted herself off and found love with someone else. She has decided to remarry.

Someday she could tell her fans about her new love interest. It’s possible that the Married, at First Sight, alum will make a baby announcement to their followers in the near future.

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