Are Lindsay And Stravy Still Together: How They Met Each Other?

One of the three original members of the main cast of “Summer House” is Lindsay Hubbard. In season four in 2020, Stravy Traversie took part in the house for the first time. On the other hand, Stravy’s connection to the reality show’s cast existed before he made an appearance on Bravo.

In the fifth season, several embarrassing exchanges between them were captured. Season 5 included appearances by Hannah’s fiancé Des Bishop, Danielle’s boyfriend Robert Sieber, and Lindsay’s ex-boyfriend Stephen Traversie. Yes, the couple had called it quits on their romance. Since the news first surfaced this year, it is now crystal clear. Here, we’ll go through every detail of their split.

The season’s high points included Lindsay’s split from Stravy, her alleged liaison with Luke, and her potential pregnancy. All of these rumors—are they true? Here is everything you need to know.


Are Lindsay And Stravy Still Together

As of 2021, Lindsay and Stravy are no longer dating. Stravy and Lindsay are no longer in touch. When promoting the start of the new season in February, Hubbard made sure to underline that she and Stravy were no longer dating.

During the interview, the Summer House singer said that hiding out with her lover during the coronavirus outbreak last year harmed their relationship. As she and her ex-boyfriend Stephen Traversie, also known as Stravy, went through their ups and downs, Lindsay’s love life was a hot topic of conversation throughout the previous season of Summer House.

Despite reconciling after splitting earlier in the summer, the couple made the decision to end their relationship.

In season 5, Lindsay introduced the audience to her boyfriend Stephen “Stravy” Traversie. They ended the show in October 2020 after season 5.

Are Lindsay And Stravy Still Together

The rumors that Lindsay had an affair with Luke only made things more chaotic. As seen in the fifth season, Lindsay had a timeline created for all of the relationship milestones she and Stephen would meet, such as getting married in June 2022 and getting pregnant by August of the same year.

Stravy and Lindsay were also seen struggling to maintain their union, but Danielle supported Lindsay, her best friend. In contrast, Hubbard decided to invest in herself and her career after the divorce.

The principal cast of the show, which in the first season had a total of nine different people, quickly bonded with one another and had the time of their lives. The subsequent seasons of the reality television show followed the same format, although a few of the show’s main cast members were replaced each time.

The fifth season introduced a minor twist by having the friends live together for several weeks rather than just getting together on the weekends. Because of the outbreak, this change had to be made, but in the end, it turned out to be for the better because it provided more tension.

The production of a new spinoff will now involve the merging of two different universes by Bravo. Fans of Summer House and Southern Charm will soon be able to watch their favorite cast members develop romantic relationships on a new series that will be a collaboration between the two shows.

Lindsay And Stravy Dating

The former pair started dating in the summer of 2019 and during season 4 of Bravo’s popular series. Their romance began at birthday celebrations and chopper tours of New York City. Then Stephen debuted on reality television. Stravy played a bigger part in Summer House Season 5 when his relationship with Lindsay worsened in front of the cameras.

In the summer of 2020, while on vacation in the Hamptons, Stravy found it difficult to get along with Lindsay. Stravy and Lindsay never found their footing in the most recent season, either as a result of Lindsay being accused of seeing Luke Gulbranson or because they were fighting at birthday meals and leaving the house in Ubers.

Stravy has no hope of gaining Lindsay back or keeping his friendships with any of her acquaintances, thus he is unlikely to be invited back to Hampton’s home.

Although Lindsay and Stephen are no longer a couple, some fans think Lindsay has moved on to Luke Gulbranson. One of the cast members of the program, Paige, said she thought Lindsay was drawn to Luke and vice versa.

Paige continued by stating that the two have various perspectives on one another. The remaining cast members are certain that the two are more than just buddies. Unfortunately, contrary to what some believed, this is not the case.

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