Are Too Hot To Handle’s Holly And Nathan Still Together? After Costing the Cast $30K+

The Netflix original series “Too Hot to Handle” is a dating game show. Late in January 2022, Season 3 was made available to the public. Each season, a group of conventionally gorgeous young adults (all in their twenties) lives together in a tropical paradise while trying to refrain from sexual activity.

If they agree to abstain from sexual activity, thousands of dollars are on the line. Never before in the show’s history have the competitors been able to control their libidos.

Fans of Season 3 were particularly outraged by the romantic chemistry between Nathan Mingomezulu and Holly Scarfone (dubbed #Nolly by their online following). Due in part to their inability to refrain from touching one another, the season’s prize fund eventually reached zero. I mean, where are they now? Did this pair last, or did they end like so many other televised relationships?

Are Nathan And Holly Still Together?

Are Too Hot To Handle's Holly And Nathan Still Together?

According To Official Sources, They Are No Longer Together. The show’s Instagram posts give the impression that the romance between these two characters did not last. In the official Instagram update video, the couple talks about their relationship over a Zoom conversation, admitting that it was difficult to maintain things as heated as they were on the show due to the epidemic and Holly’s pursuit of further education.

However, the same video also showed the two former candidates chatting over each other and saying, “I wouldn’t say it didn’t work out,” at nearly the same time while smiling and gushing about one another.


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However, there appears to be a little more happening off-screen, as evidenced by social media posts. Nathan has posted several photos to Instagram showing the couple canoodling in exotic settings. And when Holly said, “I’ll never get accustomed to how tall you are,” he answered, “I can’t wait to make new ones.”

Their Instagram posts give the impression that they are still getting to know each other, but many commenters have accused them of acting for publicity motives. No matter the circumstances, it’s safe to conclude that their relationship is complex.

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Who is Nathan from Too Hot to Handle Season 3?

What is Nathan’s name in the third season of Too Hot to Handle? South African-born model Nathan Soan Mngomezulu, 24, is from Cape Town. Next Models is his agency of representation.

Nathan is known as Cape Town’s most renowned party animal. His cast profile boasts, “This wacky, free-spirited guy has the gift of the gab and can persuade any women into his bed.” “Nathan, a student majoring in business management and also a model, has a lot of energy but a short attention span.

As a result, Nathan is easily bored. Nathan calls himself a “international playboy” and “loves the game,” therefore he has no plans to settle down with a wife anytime soon (at least not without Lana’s assistance).

His account on the photo sharing service is @Nathsoan. His Instagram bio is, “Lana’s most wanted.” While he was told the show was called Pleasure Island, Nathan introduced himself as a “international playboy” and likened it to the “hot Olympics.” I’m involved in the international playboy scene. Now, now. I’ve taken planes worldwide only to have sex with various girls.

The languages spoken by South Africans, Britons, Germans, Yanks, Ukrainians, Spaniards, and Swedes are: Attempting to recall the locations… I tend to go on many dates at once. The Pleasure Island sounds like the steamy Olympics. To get gold, of course.

Who is Holly from Too Hot to Handle season 3?

What is Holly’s name in the third season of Too Hot to Handle? Holly Scarfone, originally from Colorado, is a 23-year-old college student and model living in New York City. Holly, a student in Canada, is a diligent worker and a fun person. According to her cast bio, “Holly is super confident and super sexual, she finds relationships boring and isn’t looking to settle down any time soon,” even though she is currently a student and party girl at the University of Colorado.

You may follow her at @hollyscarfone on Instagram. Cooler in real life; as her Instagram bio puts it. Holly mentioned that her family calls her “Hurricane Holly” in her introduction video. There’s no doubt about it: I’m the outcast of the family. There’s a reason why I’m known as Hurricane Holly,” she remarked. Quite frankly, I’m a heartbreaker. Casual hookups are the best; I always seem to get what I want. When I converse, I definitely give off a sexual vibe. Anything, even the most mundane. Some sort of pan for cooking. Basil. Coffee. So hot. Oh, my God, I think I’ve just blushed.

Who is the winner of Too Hot to Handle season 3?

Who comes out on top in the third season of Too Hot to Handle? Too Hot to Handle season 3 winners, Harry Johnson (a 29-year-old tree surgeon from Middlesbrough) and Beaux Raymond (a 24-year-old legal secretary from Kent), have split the prize money of $90,000. Runners-up included 24-year-old South African model Nathan Soan Mngomezulu and 26-year-old Australian student nurse Georgia Hassarati.

Harry and Beaux made history by being the first couple to make it to the Too Hot to Handle finals and then go on to win. The bond between Harry and Beaux helped them develop at the retreat, which is why Lana put them forward for Too Hot to Handle season 3.

This is my first time putting forward a pair for an award. Because your partnership has contributed to both of your development, I have taken this action because, a vote by the cast, Harry and Beaux were declared the winners and awarded the $90,000 prize (originally $200,000 but lowered after the cast broke the no-sexual-contact rule at the retreat).

Those interested can watch Too Hot to Handle on Netflix.

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