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Are Pedro And Chantel Still Together: Why Do Fans think The Family Chantel’s Pedro Always Planned To Divorce Chantel?

Are Pedro And Chantel Still Together

Are Pedro And Chantel Still Together

The fourth season of The Family Chantel on TLC is presently airing, and the split between Pedro Jimeno and Chantel Everett has been a major talking point. So, Are Pedro And Chantel Still Together?

It’s no secret that they’ve had their share of problems as a couple, but a lot of people still had faith that they’d make it. But it seems that the former 90-Day Fiancée couple has also ended their marriage.

When a marriage ends, it’s only natural for people to wonder what went wrong. Even though Chantel’s suspicions that Pedro is cheating are being explored in Season 4, their suspicions remain unproven.

Fans, however, are left wondering if Pedro has returned to the dating scene since the breakup of his marriage. After all, whispers have been flying about a potential affair. This is what we have learned.

Are Pedro And Chantel Still Together?

On May 27, In Touch announced that after six years of marriage, Pedro has filed for divorce from Chantel Everett.

In season 4 of the spinoff, their marriage reached a breaking point when Pedro began calling his wife “lazy” and thought she wasn’t as supportive as he had been in the past. Meanwhile, Chantel felt neglected because her spouse spent so much time at work.

Pedro petitioned Chantel for a divorce after a brief break and started living independently the following day. After Pedro moved out, Chantel allegedly stole $256,000 from their joint bank account, which sparked an explosive showdown on the season finale and ultimately resulted in Pedro filing for divorce.

When contacted by In Touch, a lawyer representing Chantel said, “no comment” when asked about the allegations in the earlier motion that she stole the money.

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What Happened Between Pedro Jimeno And Chantel Everett?

Pedro’s tight relationship with Antonella Barrenechea, an employee in his real estate business, was a source of suspicion for Chantel throughout season 4.

“I took a day off work, did some cleaning, and got dinner on the table that night. July 2022 episode: “I contacted you at 8:30 and inquired where you were, and you were at the mall with Antonella,” Chantel remarked. You’re here do-boy, chauffeuring her to and from work and the auto shop, and catering to her every whim.

Chantel, originally from Atlanta, Georgia, believed her husband had been unfaithful despite Pedro’s denials that he had cheated on her with Antonella. Six weeks after Pedro’s initial divorce application, Chantel filed counterclaims, citing “adultery by the petitioner” and “cruel treatment” as the grounds for their divorce.

Is There A New Girlfriend In Pedro Jimeno’s Life?

Even though Pedro hasn’t found a new love interest, his sister Nicole Jimeno is eager for him to find someone else.

I’m eagerly anticipating meeting my future sister-in-law. “I’m ready for Pedro to have another girlfriend,” she told the producers after learning of Pedro’s divorce. There’s no better time than now to meet my future in-laws. Also, I’m praying that their family does better than Chantel’s.

Why Do Fans think The Family Chantel’s Pedro Always Planned To Divorce Chantel?

On 90 Days, Pedro and Chantel Jimeno played a couple. The Troupe Chantel and her friend chatting on the couch

Many viewers find it odd that Pedro would decide to leave Chantel after five years of marriage rather than earlier in their relationship. Pedro put off applying for permanent U.S. residency until he could do so without her help.

Source: intouchweekly

Furthermore, he waited long enough to divorce before immigration would suspect anything. Karen, the mother of Chantel, said that after five years, many con men decide to leave their wives. Suspicious onlookers speculate that Pedro waited until he was financially independent of Chantel before choosing to end their relationship on purpose.

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