Are Rae And Jake Still Together in 2022: Are They Married Now Or Both Are Seeing Someone Else

Are Rae And Jake Still Together: In 2022, Netflix debuted a new reality show called The Ultimatum. The producers of Love Is Blind have given their subscribers a new social experiment show called The Ultimatum, in which engaged couples must decide if they are true to the right person.

Jake Cunningham and Rae Williams both appeared in the first season of The Ultimatum. Both Rae and Zay, her ex-boyfriend, and Jake, his ex-girlfriend, were issued ultimatums by their respective exes, April and Rae. Rae and Jake had the finest chemistry of any couple on the show, and they were married for three weeks. But are they still together now? Inquire further…

Are Rae And Jake Still Together?

Even while Jake didn’t propose to Rae by getting on one knee in the series finale, he did make a promise to the couple’s future together through their planned vacation.

“Everything good that happens to you is well deserved. Everything good that happens to you is well-deserved. I wish I could give that to you right now. I have a suggestion for you, “In the eighth episode, Jake finally revealed to Rae. “There are two of these tickets. wherever you are in the world. Together, you and I are simply existing.”

On the reunion, co-host Nick Lachey inquired as to their final vacation destination. According to Rae, the vacation was a myth.

“We didn’t go on a trip,” Rae clarified. “All of us agreed that we needed some extra rest and recuperation time. And I thought it was rather callous to just be all “OK, bye.” Screw you guys. We thought, ‘Well, if we simply hop on a plane, we can get out of here quickly,’ and so we opted not to go.”

It was also revealed by Rae and Jake that they are currently not dating. Once Rae updated everyone on the trip and their relationship, she dropped another bombshell: after filming concluded, she tried dating Zay again.

“We made an effort to mend fences with Zay, but it didn’t work out. On the other hand, we did try, “Said Rae. I made an effort to express myself more freely with him, and I think the show helped him improve as a communicator.

Despite the fact that Rae was unable to make her relationships with Zay and Jake work out, she is now with the love of her life.

The Events Of ‘the Ultimatum’ Did Not Prevent Rae Williams From Pursuing A Romantic Relationship

At the reunion, the actors discussed which relationships had endured and which had not. Rae claimed she delayed taking Jake Cunningham further because she was still hurting from her breakup with Zay. Rae and Zay had reconciled after trying to fix their relationship again, but the effort was unsuccessful.

Since Zay and I broke up, I’ve only been seeing one person,” she told the hosts. To put it simply, she’s incredible, and we clicked instantly. However, the atmosphere was maintained lighthearted. I’ve been bisexual for a while, but I’ve spent a lot of time trying to hide it from myself and others.

The majority of the cast, including Vanessa Lachey, encouraged her to come out. In regards to her romantic life, she has provided an update.

What Is “The Ultimatum” About

One of the many dating reality series on Netflix, “The Ultimatum” adds a twist. The show, which is hosted by Nick and Vanessa Lachey and shot in Austin, Texas, follows six married couples who have been together for quite some time.

Each pair has one member who is eager to tie the knot, while the other member is still on the fence. Each couple on the show gets to date the others before deciding if they are ready to commit to each other. They can even get married for three weeks to the other contestants.

Are Rae And Jake Still TogetherSource: BuzzFeed

After switching things up, the couples go back to their original partners to work out their issues. Participants have until the end of the show to determine whether they will stay with their current partner, break up, or go on to a new one.

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